It is estimated the number of accidents from January to November 2018

Traffic police reported on the number of accident

It is estimated the number of accidents from January to November 2018

A month has passed since the last publication of the traffic police of the results of statistical calculations the number of accidents in 10 months 2018. Today, GAI has published eleven statistics on the number of accidents on the roads. Is there a change? Overall critical changes observed – the ongoing gradual decline in the number of accidents is certainly a good trend, but overall, while not affecting the overall picture.


From January to November 2018 was committed 151 thousand accidents, which is 1.8% less than the same period last year. It was injured to less than 1.5% of people (the total number of nearly 193 thousand citizens) died in car accidents in the country – 16.5 thousand people. Despite the 5.4 percent decline, alas, as you can see, the figure is just huge. It’s almost one and a half times more than 10 years of war in Afghanistan… and it’s for 11 months.


If you zoom in and take a closer look at the types of accidents, it appears that the penultimate month of 2018 has brought a certain deviation from the long trend to reduce the number of accidents. Accidents and injuries due to traffic violations by drivers of vehicles increased by 2.2% and made the country for more than 133 thousand episodes.


The rise of road accidents among cars – 106.299 accidents and 1.2 percent increase among professional drivers licensed to transport activity, is also visible a significant plus 15.2%, however the occurrence of accidents is considerably less than 1.878 PCs. Bus drivers, though, and is much less likely to get in an accident in a drunken state, but the total number of accidents involving them also rose – 5.229, +3,3.


Read more about the number of road accidents and victims due to the violation of traffic rules by drivers of vehicles from January to November 2018, you can see 2 traffic statistics.


Road accidents and injuries involving pedestrians for 11 months decreased by 6% exactly, but the children’s injuries in road traffic accidents, unfortunately, increased. The total number of road accident with participation of children has increased to 18.253 (+1,0), injuring more than 19 thousand children under the age of 16 (+1,8%), killing more than 580 minors.


Accidents due to poor roads, though still are very common (53 thousand accidents), but for several years are on the decline, -13.1%.


Read more to see the official statistics of traffic police when you click on the link here: Statistics road accidents in Russia in January-November 2018