Is it possible to skip the transmission if you switch the “mechanics”?

5-3-1: skipping gears on a manual transmission – is this normal

Is it possible to skip the transmission if you switch the

Who is the “mechanics” didn’t go, the motorist was not real. I firmly believe that, and know that any race car driver or just an experienced motorist adheres to the same opinion. It’s hard to imagine not understanding, not having experienced personally the work of such an important component of the car like a manual transmission, it can be argued that the person is fully aware of the physics behavior of the machine. *


*There is no view idle travel on the way to work or to the store, namely, training in defensive driving. Under equal conditions a car will better “understand” the driver who drove by him on the manual transmission, because he will have to exert more efforts for the realization of actions with the execution of maneuvers. Student with a car on the automatic transmission with such problems to face will not be all for him to do the “robot” that will reduce the learning efficiency and understanding of the fundamentals of management. Nuances for such a person will be closed.


Is it possible to skip the transmission if you switch the

Now, whether in connection with a large spread of cars with an automatic transmission, or due to the appearance of an increasing number of young motorists, not interested in device physics and behavior of their machines, but on the forums, often you can find one funny question: is it possible to switch to jumping transmission?


That is, people wonder whether anything is going to fall off from the vehicle (will not explode if the engine and not fall apart the drivetrain), if they drop the speed on his “mechanics” the principle of 6-4-2-1 or Vice versa, go from first to third, for example, during acceleration.


Answer at once, anything with elements of your car will happen, but only if several important conditions:

1. To reduce transmission through one of course you can, however, before such training is necessary to see to what speed you can turn the engine in a particular gear until the tachometer needle reaches the red zone or the Rev limiter and try to remember that.


To calculate the speed as possible in a practical way, to promote the motor until the end of the yellow zone rpm and speed measurements on the first three gears (but do not suggest because fines are being imposed, many modern cars in third gear issue 120-130 km/h on high-speed toll highway there are such restrictions) or deducted on the discussion forums for your car model. People will tell you.


But! While this is strictly IMPOSSIBLE to jump into second gear, if you, say, move at the speed of 80-100 km/h. Nothing but the sound of grinding gears and the dying groan of synchronizers you will not hear. This is a direct way to murder as the powertrain and other elements of the car. And in this case, due to the intense and abrupt engine braking your car can easily bring.


Is it possible to skip the transmission if you switch the

However, it is only natural when braking to move from fifth to third gear with the same 80 km/h Gently let the clutch out after the shift to the third speed and you’re done! You can at least from the fifth to the second switch if the vehicle is driven in a speed range corresponding to this transfer. Usually used after a brake up to 30-40 km/h without switching through “neutral”.


As you can see, you can even jump through a few gears, if you know at what speed you can “stick” is needed.


2. Go to increased through transmission is also possible, algorithm of actions coincides with the previously described, only in a different order. If you know the speed at which you can go in 4th or 5th gear, then you will understand how to switch or sequential skipping through speed.


Is it possible to skip the transmission if you switch the

Why do so? Well, situations are different. For example, you overtake the truck. Fly 100-110 km/h in third gear. Rebuilt to your number and you don’t need such intense acceleration. What to do? Be sure to switch the order two speeds? No, it is enough to click on the fifth and ready.


So the answer to the above question is unequivocal – it is possible! But you know the measure…

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