Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights

That’s why the installation of LED bulbs in the fog lights you can deprive a driver’s license.

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights

Well, you may have noticed that the led light sources almost half embossed conventional incandescent, halogen and even xenon bulbs? In fact, we are in the early 21st century witnessed another revolution in the world of lighting sources. Not surprisingly, in the end, the LEDs came EN masse in the automotive industry. Every year more and more new cars are equipped with LED lamps. For example, today many car models are equipped not only with led lights installed in the rear or in the front optics as daytime running lights. So, for the last years, the market was a mass of cars with the front optics, in which LED lamps are installed as low beam.

Also, many modern cars were equipped with foglights with LED bulbs. No wonder many car owners, seeing such a bright and beautiful lighting for the new cars, want to install the same on your vehicle. But, unfortunately, some motorists forgot to install not provided by the car manufacturer led light bulbs in headlamps instead of the usual incandescent or halogen lamps, you should not.

It cannot be installed instead of conventional halogen light sources gas discharge lamps (xenon lamps), without changing the headlights, which should be equipped with a special lens under xenon and auto-corrector and headlamp washers.


Remember how recently on the roads of Russia went a large number of vehicles with “farm” xenon, which in most cases only blinded oncoming drivers. But after “the farm” xenon began to deprive the rights of drivers who instead of standard lamps installed in lamps with reflectors, xenon lights, markedly diminished.

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights 

Unfortunately, Paradise road did not last long. Recently on the Russian market appeared a lot of cheap Chinese car led lamps, which can be easily installed to replace conventional halogen bulbs with the base H1, H4 and H7. In the end, some drivers forget about the direct prohibition of the installation is not the factory light sources in the dim light of the headlights started to equip their cars with LED lights, whose brightness, even superior to the xenon lamp.

But, alas, miracles do not happen. For the efficient operation of led lamps requires a special lens. Naturally, about any reflector, even speech can not be. In the headlights with the reflectors point of using LED lamps no, because led bulbs produce only directional light beam. In the case of reflectors, LED headlight beam will dazzle oncoming drivers.


However, this “kolkhoz” tuning is successfully suppressed by the traffic police who are now hunting for those car owners who thought that since the xenon lamp outside the law, it means that instead of the regular bulbs in the front headlamps, you can install the led.

But no. The law is harsh and in relation to LED lamps. Here is our detailed review about why, if your car was not originally provided by the factory led lights in the front headlamps, you can wait for a legitimate administrative liability under part 3 of article 12.5 of the administrative code. For those who don’t remember, here’s how it sounds:


3. Management of the vehicle, on the front of which is installed light devices with lights of red color or reflective devices in red color, and equally light devices, colour of fires and which do not meet the requirements of the Main provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and duties of officials to ensure road safety,
attracts deprivation of the right of management by vehicles for the term from six months till one year with confiscation of the specified devices and adaptations.


Note the words in the text: on the front of which is installed light devices with lights of red color or reflective devices in red color, and equally light devices, colour of fires and which do not meet the requirements of the Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation

In simple words, everything that is not provided by the manufacturer, to be installed on the front of the machine illegally. That is, if your car is in a different configuration comes without LED light, low beam, then install the LEDs in the headlights of his car.

But even if your car in some other configuration is available with xenon or led front optics, you still do not have the right without the installation of new lights to use on my car as lamps low beam LED lamps.

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights

It turns out not to violate the law and that your vehicle meets the requirements of the Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and duties of officials to ensure road safety, to install LEDs in the headlights you need to buy new headlights, whose design allows you to effectively direct the led light sources on the road without the risk of blinding drivers of oncoming cars. Also do not forget that after installing the new headlights, in principle, you should place similar refurbishment of the car in the traffic police, after making changes to the design of the car, also after the tests in a special laboratory.

However, if the model of your car in a more expensive configuration comes from the factory with LED headlights, if you buy the other front LED lights instead of their regular halogen or xenon, the traffic police are unlikely to attract you on the road to administrative responsibility, because they will not be able to prove that your car didn’t come with factory led low beams. In this case you thing to change the headlights themselves, buying the optics, which is installed on more expensive models.


Of course, if you install LED headlights in a car that never came from the factory with led headlights, without the procedure of any change in the design of the vehicle you can not do. After all, any employee Gosavtoinspektsii can theoretically stop you and draw on paper 12.5 to justice, which, remember, is threatened with deprivation of rights for a period of 6 to 12 months!!!

So I do not advise the owners of old cars (especially lovers of old VAZ) experiments, huningue headlights led bulbs beam. Otherwise, you risk losing your driver’s license.


Is it possible to lose your license for installing foglights to led bulbs?

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights 

By the way, this also applies to those who think that the installation of LED lamps in the front fog lights is legal, since this type of light sources does not apply to front optics. But it’s not. Read carefully the part 3 of article 12.5 of the administrative code and you will see that responsibility is provided for the use of any non factory bulbs that do not meet the security vehicles at the front of the car.

Accordingly, if you install LED bulbs in the front foglights and not pass the procedure of registration introduced in the design of the car changes in a special lab and traffic, amending the registration documents for the vehicle, and also receiving a special certificate, for the use of illegal lights on the front of the machine you can simply lose the rights.


Are you ready to sacrifice the beauty of your fog light? Or do you think that the beauty demands victims? In fact, no matter how you feel. The law is the law. Just not allowed to install on the front of the machine factory lamp (including in fog), so it is impossible to do.

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights

Why? The thing is that by installing bright LED bulb in the fog lights, which typically uses reflectors and halogen light sources, you essentially can blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles, because the led light will be strongly scattered in front of your car. Remember to use LED-lamps in front of all lighting devices must have a special design for proper beam led light. No reflectors and lenses. Just a special lens.


However, it is worth noting that a traffic police officer on the road is much harder to detect on your machine illegally installed fog lights in LED lights. The fact is that if the traffic police does not have a specific instrument, measuring the brightness of light light sources, they are trying to identify the mismatch of the lamp according to the marking of headlamps. After all, car lights have a special marking that indicates what type of lamps should be used in this or that optics.

By the way, not all lights in modern cars are on the surface such a label. But this does not mean that you can rejoice and run immediately to the store to purchase a beautiful but dangerous LED lamps. As a rule, in most modern cars the marking of headlamps can be found on the housing in the engine compartment. So the traffic police will not be difficult to ask you to open the hood. In this case, you will not prove that your car is equipped with such headlights from the factory.

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights 

With regards to fog lights, the traffic police will be harder to prove that your protivotumanok are “collective” bright svetovoy and that they do not meet safety requirements. Yes, of course, if you use a special device to figure it out for a minute. But such devices are not many (ie not all crews of traffic police).

And to the eye to identify that protivotumanki uses illegal bulbs, the police need some way to crawl under the bumper to read the internal marking of fog light, which is printed on their body. Hardly every policeman is ready to such trials, of course, if you’re angry about something. In this case, can actually stand on principle. So if you still violated existing laws and installed in fog light LED lamp, then in any case do not include them in the city (especially driving past the police post).

Also do not turn on bright lights at night on a country road, if you meet the moving stream of cars. If you are traveling alone, you can include your trendy fog lights along with high beams. It will be beautiful. But as far notice the oncoming car, turn off your fog lights and high beam to avoid dazzling the driver.

But better, of course, will still be illegal to remove the fog light LEDs from and return to the place of usual galogenki.


And finally, here’s an exhaustive list of faults vehicles that cannot be operated on public roads.


The list of malfunctions and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles

3. Exterior lights

3.1. The number, type, color, location, and operation mode of external light devices do not meet the requirements of the vehicle structure.

Note: On vehicles taken out of production, allowed the installation of external light devices from vehicles of other vehicle makes and models.
3.2. Adjustment of the headlights does not correspond to GOST R 51709-2001.

3.3. Do not work in the established mode or are polluted exterior lights and reflectors.

3.4. On lighting devices are no lenses or used lens and lampthat do not match the type of the given light device.

3.5. Installation of rotating beacons, methods of mounting and visibility of the light signal does not meet the requirements.

3.6. Front of the vehicle installed light devices with lights of red light or reflectors of red light, and behind – white color, except for reversing lights and lighting registration plate light reflective registration, and distinctive markings.

Is it possible to put led bulbs in fog lights

As you can see, the law does not outright ban on any particular type of bulbs in the front lights in the car. That is, to deprive of the rights can, in principle, for any of the factory bulbs installed in the front, as the car may be declared faulty for the above reasons.

There is another document that prohibits the installation of led lamps in the headlights:

Technical regulations of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

See “item 3. Requirements for lighting and light-signalling devices”

Also more details you can read in our article “Can I lose the rights for led bulbs in the headlights?”

And remember, if you are still itching to install the fog lights to led bulbs, you have before you start to use them to pass a difficult and long procedure of registration of changes in the design of the car.

You have to go almost the same way that today are car owners who wish to install on your car gas equipment. Here is a detailed topic about it.

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