Is it possible to drive with the speed of the strip those who are moving slowly?

What to do with the slug: is it possible to give the signal to turn on the high beam?

Is it possible to drive with the speed of the strip those who are moving slowly? 

Probably every motorist, from time to time meets on the road of those who are too slow in the leftmost lanes. Not only as drivers of such slow motorists: upchuck, slug, etc.).


The worst thing is that these drivers generally do not notice anyone around, considering that the left fast lane created for them. And from such drivers you are unlikely to wait for a free road. As a result, many of us to banish upchuck, begin to drive up close to them, to blink distant light, and even the horn by pressing the horn. Alas, respond to the signals unit.


Most often, such a annoying slug on highways where this type of drivers like to take the left lanes. And at the free right. By the way, and this is a violation of applicable Rules of the road.


Recall that according to paragraph 9.4 of the Rules of traffic on roads marked with signs 5.1 and 5.3 or on any road with allowed speed over 80 km/h, drivers must move closer to the right edge of the road, and drivers are forbidden to occupy the left lane at the free right lanes.


So the slug that occupies the left lane and braiding it, violate traffic rules? It is not so simple.


The fact that in the same paragraph 9.4 of the SDA is another interesting puzzle. Here’s how it looks:


In settlements taking into account requirements of the present point and points 9.5, 16.1 and 24.2 Rules drivers of vehicles can use the most convenient lane. At heavy traffic when all lanes are occupied to change the runway is only permitted to rotate to the left or right turn, stop or detour obstacles.
However, on any roads having to move in this direction three lanes or more, to take the extreme left lane is permitted only in heavy traffic when you are doing the other strips, and also for left turn or u-turn, and trucks with a permissible maximum mass exceeding 2.5 t – only left-turn or u-turn.

So whether the car is traveling in the left lane depends on in what place is the stretch of road, and depending how busy the track is. For example, if a driver upchuck moving speed in the left lane in the village, forget about the flashing of the far and other ways of clearing the strip. In this case, the driver occupying the left lane, not breaking the law.

Is it possible to drive with the speed of the strip those who are moving slowly?

Your perseverance in reducing the distance to the slug, constant blink, far, etc. could be construed as aggressive driving. After all, you in this case create a dangerous situation on the road (especially if you drive up to the slug at the bumper).

But most often occupy the left lane without reason is impossible. As a result, in the left lane can be rebuilt, usually for overtaking fellow travelers.

Unfortunately, many of us on the road do not stand the nerves, when on high-speed lanes we meet those who think that these bands are designed for quiet and quiet ride. Especially enrage motorists a snail when they are not given the opportunity to make the necessary pass. By the way, the law of meanness such upchuck can take several high speed lanes, blocking the possibility for overtaking, both right and left.

That just does not make impatient drivers trying to drive away those who are “sick” in the far left lane: pressed close to the slow mover, blink distant light (or even stupidly include far, forgetting about the other road users). Someone thinks that upchuck necessarily on the ground will return a loud signal horn.

It is worth noting that a similar signal to drivers that do not understand why and what took the left lane, often getting through and they give way. And often those who are just moving on the left lane at a high speed, the road is not needed for overtaking, and for movement at the free right that according to traffic regulations often prohibited.

But is it right to light and sound signals, or in dangerous proximity to the slug?

Is it possible to drive with the speed of the strip those who are moving slowly?

With regards to light signals, paragraph 19.11 drivers to warn of overtaking, in addition to the audio signal to apply a light signal (short-term switching of the headlights with the dipped to the main beam).

Accordingly, for the warning of overtaking you can submit short light signals to the slug, which according to the SDA needs you to give in. However, if this will be free right strips.


What about sound signal? Yes, you can also submit and a short beep. But again you have to remember that the signal can not apply in all cases.

For example, for persistent blinking far off, the alarm driver according to the current legislation can be brought to justice in accordance with article 12.20 of the administrative code. Here’s how it looks:

Article 12.20. Violation of the rules of using external light devices, sound signals, alarm or warning triangle
Violation of the rules of using external light devices, sound signals, alarm or warning triangle –
shall entail a warning or imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of five hundred rubles.
(as amended by Federal law dated 22.06.2007 No. 116-FZ of 23.07.2013 No. 196-FZ)

By the way, sometimes the action of the drivers who took the fast lane and moving too slowly can also be regarded as “aggressive.” The fact that this obstinacy without reason is, in fact, an obstacle overtaking. So I do not advise drivers to stretch horn and always skip those moving faster than you (e.g. for overtaking). Remember that the road is no place for ambition. And even if you are trying to drive away with the speed of the strip is not for overtaking, it is not advised to guard the lane as the Kremlin. This is stupid. Because in this way you are violating traffic rules.