Interesting technical video on how to sort out the carb

How to fix carburetors Edelbrock and Carter AFB: Video

Interesting technical video on how to sort out the carb

If you like a variety of technical videos or if you are thinking about solving the problem with the old carb on the car you inherited from his grandfather, the following two videos will be right choice for you to expand the horizons and overall understanding of the element of the engine air-fuel mixture.


Rebuilding the carb may be a daunting task if you’ve never done it bulkhead. “Tons” of tiny parts, screws, vintikov and stubs that need to be replaced, and a large number of parts that need to be cleaned or adjusted. It’s not very easy, especially if we are talking about the carburetor on foreign cars.


In the English video “under the knife” went carb company “Edelbrock”. It is first completely dismantled, along the way explaining what parts are what and why are here. Then, cleaned, started to collect new parts. Two rollers 40 and 30 minutes technical Paradise for connoisseurs. If you want to know more detailed information – turn on the subtitles and click on transfer.


Pleasant viewing: