In the rain don’t speed: all-wheel drive won’t help [Video]

The driver of the SUV thought that AWD helps in the rain, he was severely mistaken!

In the rain don't speed: all-wheel drive won't help [Video]

Loss of traction on wet roads is a nightmare for any driver. What to do during a serious aquaplaning, 90% of driving people do can not. Well if the speed is reduced before the onset of irreparable consequences. Otherwise trouble is inevitable.


Unfortunately, some people still think that if their car is equipped with four-wheel drive transmission, it somehow will be able to squeeze out from under the spot of contact, excess water and prevent the consequences. Alas – it is not. No matter which drive is front, rear or full, as soon as the tyre tread no longer fulfill its function to drain the car will become unmanageable “sleigh”.


In an example of improper behavior on the road, you can put the driver of a white Jeep Cherokee that has suddenly shifted from drive straight to slide sideways right into the traffic light pole. The whole point of the scene visible in the video:


Here is how the incident of the witness who filmed the accident on the DVR (we can clearly see the main mistakes flown away in a ditch the driver of the Cherokee. Maybe someone will be useful to know what to do in the rain is impossible):

“When the road widened to three lanes, and the nearest car behind went into the right lane to the turn, leaving the SUV right behind me. The traffic light switched to yellow, and I decided to avoid hard braking in those conditions, just let go of the gas pedal and continued driving to the intersection coasting. The driver of the SUV must be afraid that I will stop and attempt overtaking. It is the departure of our lane a few metres in front of us and flew into the traffic (which almost flew into us)”.


Thus, we can say that the whole incident looks like a classic case of speeding in poor weather conditions. Do not exceed the speed in the rain, do not make sharp maneuvers and rash actions, including, even if you have four-wheel drive vehicle.