In Tbilisi on the balcony of 27 years stood “the Zhiguli”

The most famous car Tbilisi was taken from the balcony

In Tbilisi on the balcony of 27 years stood

What did the car “the Zhiguli” (VAZ-2106) on the balcony of a multistory building in Tbilisi and how it got there? This tricky question will be answered by the heroes of this video from YouTube channel Life:

Video taken from YouTube channel Life


That is, the characters of this short video I want to say that the owner, having bought your dream car and suddenly faced with the harsh reality of post-Soviet time so decided to protect their expensive purchase, hiding it to the best of times away from sin? Exactly! And crafty Georgians (his name was Rezo Enukidze) were not satisfied with sending the car in a normal garage (in those days there “the Zhiguli” could easily steal), and did a much more complicated operation, hoisting machine on the balcony.


As can be clearly seen in the video, a balcony for this case was previously modified, because it is unlikely a standard balcony Khrushchev could make a whole car, even under the condition that the car would put to the side…


In Tbilisi on the balcony of 27 years stood

Here the car stood for 27 years!

Looking at the footage, you begin to ask at least three questions:

How to change reacted to the neighbors above and below?

That sudden alterations of the balcony replied, TSZH or housing office?

And all this design of gratings and stanchions collapsed for so many years?! Because the car did not take off from there almost 30 years! Note how well preserved during that time of the paint. It is almost untouched by time. That means a warm winter…


But nothing is eternal under the Moon. Filmed from the fourth floor and the car that had for more than ¼ century to become a living legend and a monument to the dark days of lawlessness. The car was lowered to earth the same way as Rezo raised her there – with a crane. But did this is not it, the owner was not a year and a half ago, and his relatives. What will happen with this car? Sure a rarity, and even with such an unusual history easily finds a new grateful owner-a collector, who will take the car for good money. Fans of “time capsules” in the world.


It’s a pity that Enukidze and not wait for this moment:

Video taken from YouTube channel Evgenia D

… but on the other hand, it is nice that they are so beloved car again felt the ground under the wheels.