In Russia to develop the world’s first sports car on an air cushion

Residents develop unique flying car “Egalet”

In Russia to develop the world's first sports car on an air cushion

Unique in its characteristics, the car develops a group of engineers from Togliatti in the framework of the startup project “Egalet”. Electric Roadster, a hovercraft which can be used as an ordinary car, but it will easily be converted into a machine capable of moving on the water surface, if it appears necessary. For example, if congestion or on the road there was an insurmountable obstacle. Forest fire? Possible. In any case, to lay an additional track will not be difficult.


The idea is fresh and not repeats of other tools. Moreover, it is implemented not only on paper, photography, hand-drawn in Photoshop you can see above, but worked out in real life. The development has involved a consortium of Russian companies.


How to assure the developers of the project, if unusual idea “to shoot” in the future there may be a whole Park vodoplavayuschim cars-amphibians in different bodies, for different purposes.


The company is ready to apply this technology to the SUV, van and even house on wheels – Kemper.


Despite the fact that the company does not provide meaningful details about how to work the system “hangs”. It is known that the transformation of land vehicles in waterfowl happen in just a few seconds. Click on the special button in the cabin, which activates extension of the air “skirt” and the vehicle to become amphibious, hovering over the water, thin ice, swamp or deep snow.

In Russia to develop the world's first sports car on an air cushion

The only at the moment photography “Egalet”

Interestingly, the “Aglet” will be created in accordance with the requirements of small shipbuilding. The car will be installed anchor and equipment for mooring.


For those wishing to operate a strange machine of a conventional automobile rights is not enough, you will need a certificate to manage a small boat. He “Yagalet” will also need to register as a ship.

The developers have not yet explained how the driver will operate the vehicle, but promises to reveal more information later. Since the car is in the air, there must be a wheel or a way to change the movement? On the body there’s nothing obvious to make this possible. The slowdown in the “hoverboard” it may also be a problem. There is also the question of whether the firm uses separate transmissions for wheeled and flying trips or the company has a technologically advanced way to use one power plant to control both systems? I hope the answers to these questions will appear in the near future.

When the model will be available is also unknown.

In Russia to develop the world's first sports car on an air cushion

In 2017, the developer “Egalet” showed that the concept of soaring sports car (pictured above). The model was a Roadster with a composite body, the food which came from the motor.