How will the new generation of the BMW X5?

2020 BMW X5 G05: F15 crossover receiver

How will the new generation of the BMW X5?

Like any other car maker, BMW should be pretty clear policy in relation to the update of its model range. Therefore, expect to see new models ahead of schedule is not necessary. But, nevertheless, many fans of BMW cars it would be interesting to know how it will look like this or that future Bavarian model. Designers of studio Remco Meulendijk BMW X5 pleased fans by releasing modeled their new model X5, which according to the plans of the German mark should appear in 2020.


Recall that at the moment the BMW X5 is available in its third generation, under the code F15. But this generation of crossover, as well as a model in the back of the E70 is all the result of the normal evolution of the legendary SUV X5 E53 body. According RM.Design design studio, the company BMW’s 2020 revolution is preparing, planning to introduce a new generation of the X5 crossover in the G05 body.

How will the new generation of the BMW X5?

We have no doubt that the company BMW may surprise all participants in the car market. Recall that in recent years, BMW cars have received conservative design, which was created thanks to the developed i3 and i8 vehicles. These machines allowed BMW designers to expand the boundaries of thinking and provide artists and engineers to realize their wildest creative ideas. This model series “i” move the company into the future.


Yes, the competition in the automotive market every year is getting tougher and tougher. But, nevertheless, at BMW have a chance in the future to get ahead of all its competitors in the global car market. For example, today the Mercedes cars also have a stunning design with a special charisma. This is why Mercedes is using the same design in all of its latest models, which led to the fact that many models have become similar to each other.


But as we already know it will sooner or later lead to the fact that customers quickly get tired of the same design of the entire range of Mercedes.

An example of the company Audi, which is due to copying the design for the entire range, still can not get out of the crisis, because of the huge drop in sales.


Lexus and BMW is not a competitor, as to attract attention to the brand company invests huge amounts of money is not paid back. As a result, Lexus designers have to create the design of new models, which runs the risk of quickly get bored or go out of fashion.

BMW is preparing a real revolution in the design of its future models, many of which are not similar to each other.

How will the new generation of the BMW X5?

Unfortunately, we can not see how the model will look new BMW, which will be released in the coming years. Fortunately, thanks to Remco Meulendijk design studio, we are now able to see how the future might look like a new model X5 crossover, which will be produced under the code G05. True, the car on the design project longer looks like a concept car. Outwardly, this figure resembles Maserati Levante because of the narrow headlights style supercar i8.


With regards to the front grille that designers used the new style of the model 7-Series. Of course, the grille is likely to grow in size, while the front optics really needs to be smaller. Also striking special sporty style of the fourth-generation BMW X5. But we doubt that BMW will choose a very sporty style for the crossover. Probably a more sporty appearance crossovers get X1, X3 and X4, while the X5 and X7 new model will have a more conservative design.


Future new model X5 will be available on the new CLAR modular platform, which is currently produced a new model of the 7 Series. On the basis of this platform will be released all the great models of BMW – X5, X6 and X7. It is planned that the new model BMW will be in its design more carbon fiber, which will be integrated into the steel and aluminum components of a body. This enables engineers to significantly reduce the weight of many new models.


Design studio RM.Design also showed how, in their opinion, can look back of the BMW X5 2020. The changes are less drastic than in front of the machine. The general form of the rear optics in general, the same thing that we can see in the current generation of the crossover. As a result, artists have created a less aggressive look back.

Of course, the work of RM Car Design is a purely speculative way to attract attention to his work. After all, up to 2020 there will be more restyled X5 and therefore to talk about how the virtual image may correspond to the actual G05 mind talking, of course, still very, very early.


However, everyone recognizes that the company is actually BMW is planning to make a revolution in the design of the new X5 model. Also, BMW will release up to 2020 a number of further revolutionary car. An example of the new generation 3-series, which is expected to revolutionize the whole performance of the BMW cars, and return the company among the small premium car market leadership.


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