How to use the turn signals?

Do you remember when and how to use the turn signals in the car? No? Then refresh your knowledge

How to use the turn signals?

The driver of the vehicle must in advance and clearly indicate your intention to change direction or lane in advance of turning on the turn signals, and then to stop the alarm immediately after the maneuver. Just? Not always and not for everyone!


You should always remember that the turn signal in the car need not who it includes, because the driver knows where he is going to go. The direction indicator gives a signal to other drivers so they know what we intend to do.


Warn about their maneuvers in advance and clearly

How to use the turn signals?

Never operate the turn signal too late. For example, when you have already started to turn or change lanes. To use the turn signals you need in advance, clearly indicating to other road users that you want to do. This gives other drivers an opportunity to notice the turn signals of your car (one or two blinking enough). Otherwise, you are violating clause 8.2 of the traffic regulations of the Russian Federation:


8.2. The alarm is a turn signal or hand must be made in advance before the start of the manoeuvre and shall cease as soon as it is completed (the alarm hand can be finished just before executing the maneuver). The signal should not mislead other participants of movement.


In most cases, when you turn at intersections, turn on the turn signal in advance before entrance to the interchange. Including turn on the Blinker, even if according to the Rules of the road at the intersection is only possible turn. The fact that all the drivers are different. There is attentive, there are less collected. Also do not forget about the many drivers-beginners, who often violate traffic rules, entangled in the puzzles of road signs and markings. So, for example, when at the crossroads you can turn right only, still include turn signal in advance to warn other road users of your intentions. After all, some inexperienced drivers may not notice that the straight line is prohibited, and fail to reduce speed when you turn right. In the end, there is a great risk that an accident occurs.


Change directions or lanes

How to use the turn signals? 

In the same way as we signal their intentions to turn, we must advance to warn road users of the impending rebuild in another lane.

NOTE: the inclusion of the turn signal does not grant priority admission. Remember that regardless of what is included with the turn signal, we must yield to vehicles traveling in the lane where we intend to regroup!


Picture the Intention to change lanes should also be indicated by the turn signal, but this does not absolve us from the obligation to give way to vehicles in lanes in which we want to rebuild.


A special situation arises at intersections marked with signs 8.13 “the direction of the main road.” We are talking about when the main road at the crossroads changes its straight line motion in the other direction (CW/CCW, etc.). Many drivers (even experienced) often do not know whether to enable the turn signals when combined with the sign “Main road” label 8.13, indicating a change in the direction of the road with priority.


Many drivers in this case I think that once we turn, staying under the plate 8.13 on the main road, we should not include the turn signal. But really, despite the fact that we according to the SDA remain on the road with priority, we HAVE to turn on the turn signal. It is provided by paragraph 8.1 of the SDA:


8.1. Before moving, rebuilding, turning (u-turn) and stop the driver is obliged to submit signals luminous pointers of turn of an appropriate directionand if they are missing or malfunctioning – hand. When performing the maneuver should not be a danger to traffic and interference to other road users.


Yes, when turning at an intersection, where there’s a sign 8.13, we, turning to the side, where changes the direction of the main road, though, and remain on the road with priority, however, execute a maneuver (turn). And if we turn, then, pursuant to paragraph 8.1 are REQUIRED to include turn signal in advance.


And whether you want to insert the turn signal, if we continue straight in the side of the side road? In this case, we do not change direction, respectively, according to the SDA, turn signals not included.


Unfortunately, very often on Russian roads Standards with the installation and placement of road signs are not respected. We are talking about the Guest R 52290-2004. It stipulates that signs and labels must be accurate images and information, which corresponds to the actual configuration of the road, crossing the roads, the scheme of traffic organization. Alas, not always in Russia, the GOST observed. As a result, many road signs confuse drivers. Here is an example where road signs, on the one hand, indicate the need to include the turn signal when driving on the main road that goes to the left, but the existing road does not allow to make unambiguous conclusion about the necessity of inclusion of turn signals:


How to use the turn signals?

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And here’s another example, when staying on the road with priority (main road), according to existing traffic pattern, the traffic situation and the presence of road signs installed in accordance with GOST, drivers, staying on the main road are not required to include the turn signals.

In the case of movement in the direction of the secondary roads in these examples, the drivers need in advance to turn on the turn signals.

How to use the turn signals?

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As you use the turn signal in the roundabout?

How to use the turn signals?

Most of the drivers are not difficult to understand how and when to turn the turn signals when crossing the roundabout. For example, if we are going to leave the roundabout at the first turn, then have to use right turn signal before turning (to go from the circle to the right). There is also no doubt that we must use turn signals when changing lanes into another lane when driving in a circle, not forgetting to skip the vehicles that travel in the lane where you are going to rebuild.

Doubt many drivers are beginning to emerge about the use of the left Blinker. Did you notice that before the circle, many drivers turn on the left Blinker? What do you think, is it right? Actually no. Before the circle of drivers must turn on right Blinker, since cross traffic is counterclockwise, respectively, the other trajectory is forbidden, and so you can only turn right turn signal.


How to use the turn signals? 

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Please note: when you left in a circular motion, if you’re not going to make a right turn, you according to the SDA are required to turn off the right Blinker and implement further movement in a circle without turn signals. At the exit from the circle in advance, you must also turn on the right Blinker.

To summarize: left-turn indicator when driving in a circle you should enable it ONLY if you plan to rebuild on the circle from the right lane into the left, in advance, of course, passing the cars that are moving in that strip, where you are going to maneuver.

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