How to remove scuffs and scratches with vinyl film: a useful life hack

Persistent seedy film on the car: three secrets

How to remove scuffs and scratches with vinyl film: a useful life hack

How to keep a vinyl film on your car or put it in order after the appearance of scratches. Will look like new!


Car vinyl film burst into life motorists like a hurricane. Now, if you suddenly wanted to change the color or upgrade your shabby old varnish and to give the car a new style – say, a black car to white roof, old style is not necessary to go in plastering full for costly repainting of the body. Enough to get to the workshop, where you will hang the body up in plastic: fast, quite reliable and not very expensive. Plus, don’t forget about the almost limitless level of customizing cars.

But in the course of operation of the vehicle, even very careful owners sooner or later face such unpleasant consequences of speed as scratches and scuffs. The problem is not going anywhere, even in the case of durable vinyl film. Surprisingly, many motorists are clausie the iron horse film, not even aware that the film can be repaired just like conventional paintwork, the only difference being that you need to use slightly different methods.


For example, here is a video from Larry Kosila with foreign YouTube channel “AMMO NYC”, who made a useful video demonstrating the removal of such things as wash from rubber and damages on vinyl. Cycle improvements carried out on the racing Porsche 911 GT3.


In General the method is similar to the operation for the removal of scratches on the paint, but there are some key improvements of the process. So, how get rid of scratches on vinyl? The answer is here:

1. To begin spec detailing vehicle uses the world famous tool for degreasing and removal of sticky substances Goo Gone. This chemical thing is great even for removing residue from stickers and other adhesive substances, even with very strong adhesives. By using lint-free towel moistened with means, he got rid of dirt and rubber.


How to remove scuffs and scratches with vinyl film: a useful life hack

Unfortunately, in Russia the tool is not for sale, but you can order from abroad, a small bottle will cost around 300 – 400 rubles.


Theoretically, you can use the standard substitutes, like aerosol to clean the body from bitumen, kerosene, white spirit and so forth, but virtually, you must make sure that the cleaner will not dissolve with contamination by the glue under the vinyl and will not damage the surface of the film. So before you experiment, consult the forums for advice.


2. Then comes the polishing with a polishing wheel made of microfiber. The main part of the work, which will help to clean not only the stubborn contaminants and completely remove scratches and wash the vinyl surface. Mechanical action helps remove remaining traces of rubber, which did not take chemistry, and microfiber securely retain the pieces of dirt in themselves.


Do not forget about the polishes on the circle. This will reduce friction and will not scratch vinyl.


Vinyl film is polished. But manually removing scratches is not easy, so it is best to borrow someone’s grinder.



Important advice that gives Larry – do not overheat the film (don’t hold the rotating surface of the working circle in one place for long), otherwise the vinyl will peel off the body will swell and there will be new problems.


How to remove scuffs and scratches with vinyl film: a useful life hack

It is also worth to monitor the condition of the paste. As soon as it becomes matte dark cream, it is time to replace it with a new one. Please note that to remove old paste detailer uses compressed air. Thus, blowing all the fine particles from the microfiber (4.30 minute video).


3. Also pay attention to another feature. During polishing of vinyl not used classically circular motion machine. Master takes her to the side and back. This is due to the fact that thus with better, clean off surface contamination and the tape does not have time to heat up.


Here is the result of work on the rear bumper (surface side):


How to remove scuffs and scratches with vinyl film: a useful life hack

How to remove scuffs and scratches with vinyl film: a useful life hack


As you can see, it’s very similar to the polishing body with the usual paintwork, but there are three pitfalls about which you should know. A good getting rid of scratches and dirt!

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