How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

Money for Parking, you can return, but it is very difficult

How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

As you know, December 15, 2018 in the capital, changed the rates and rules of payment of Parking in the daytime. Now the minimum cost of Parking in paid Parking will cost 80 rubles per hour, and 237 streets was installed the rate of 380 roubles for the same hour of municipal services of Parking. Read more with the new tariffs can be found here: How to pay for Parking?


On 237 streets with a high rate Parking on Sunday will be paid. In the public holidays on these streets, cars will continue to Park for free.
The minimum cost of Parking downtown on the streets between the Garden and Boulevard rings Dec 15 is 80 rubles/hour.
Inside the Garden ring (SK) there will be Parking with differentiated rate – 50 rubles for the first 30 minutes, then 150 rubles/hour.
On the streets within the Boulevard ring (CD) rates increased to 100 and 200 rubles/hour.
Also added 237 streets, where will be installed the rate of 380 per hour during daytime and 200 roubles per hour at night.


Prices? Expensive? We are confident that the majority of motorists who daily Park their cars at work, absolutely not relish the prospect to pay 2-3 thousand rubles a day. What is an effective way to stop throwing money into the air? You just need to abandon the car in the city. Opportunities for alternative transport there are plenty – from the underground and buses, car sharing and travel around the city on foot (if the work is close).


But for some motorists who have thrown the cash in store to pay for your Parking account, in case of refusal from the paid Parking refunds can be a serious puzzle. And believe me, quite unpleasant.


For those who decided to return the money from the Parking account, automobile magazine “za rulem” figured out how to do it. Here’s what we understand from the answer of technical support of the Moscow Parking to the motoring journalists.


Can I return the money from the Parking account?

How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

Yes, definitely, it can be done. But get ready for what will have to dance with tambourines. Easy with your funds in your account “Moscow Parking” does not intend to leave.


What is the Parking account?

How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

For those who do not know the so – called “Parking account” appears after registering on the website Using the funds that the owner will put on it and you will be paying for Parking services using the official app Is available for phones on iOS and Android.


How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

The Deposit options


The account is linked to a phone number. At present, the payment with application is the most convenient payment method, the other two of the existing through Parking meters via SMS.


Where to apply for withdrawal of funds from the Parking account?

How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

I have to say – just send the money back to the card will not work! Must come himself, and with a heap of very specific paperwork.


As a response to a query “driving” tech support “Moscow Parking”, “You can contact one of our service centers “Moscow transport” address: Staraya Basmannaya str., 20, building 1 or street of 1905, d. 25″.


How to recover money from the Parking account: manual


Phone contact is not allowed. This means that stomp will have legs, it has collected the necessary documents that will not be easy.


By the way, we suggest to get the addresses or Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa 1905 goda it on their own. Arrive by car – pay for Parking. There are a lot of paid Parking zones, and all the side streets not covered by paid Parking lots, filled with cars to capacity. You don’t want to 5.000 rubles the penalty as a bonus to the adventure?
How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

What documents are needed to confirm that this account is yours?

How to recover money from the Parking account: manual

statement (form tab “About” – “Documents” – “Application for refund”);

copy of passport (pages 2 and 3);


OK, not terrible, but looking at the procedure now


the contract with the mobile operator confirming that the number is registered to the applicant;


It is also not so difficult to discover at first glance. As lucky. Usually the contract on rendering of communication services is kept at home, its important to find. If not found, begins a new quest – go to the office to its operator and write the application for issuance of a copy of the contract. Wait, or get up at the same office of the cellular operator.


And finally the most elegant:

the document confirming the fact of debiting in the account of the Moscow Parking space (the original of the statement of account of the Bank card stating the full name of the payer, recipient, amount and date of payment, card number). The extract shall be certified by a Bank officer that issued the document (position, name, signature of officer and stamp of the Bank), it shall be accompanied by the original receipt, certified by the original payment order, etc.”


“Go to the Bank and that all brought!!!” – how would affectionately tell us the Moscow Parking attendants.


But if in the documents a mistake? Well, do not worry – the number of attempts is unlimited. The good offices work and on the weekends, from 8.00 to 20.00.


After going through all the bureaucracy, all the money will be returned at once?

Nope! Do not even expect! You think bureaucrats are the simpletons? Quote “the wheel”:

“At the same time, as explained by the employee of the center “Moscow transport”, return only one particular payment, not all the money is on the account”.


How many times have deposited, many documents and you need to provide.


Can’t find the application for refund to!

The statement is at the bottom of the list, the seventh document from the bottom

How to recover money from the Parking account: manual


As you quest from Noparking? Share in the comments.

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