How to read the markings on the car Windows?

What the marks on the front, rear and side Windows of the car.

How to read the markings on the car Windows? 

Marking and codes applied to the car window, informed, in particular, the date of their production, and the type of glazing used.


E1, placed in a circle, is a standard seal of approval used in Europe. Also good to know that it is not always next to the letter E is number 1. For example, French producers figure 2, Polish – 20. Sign 43R and the following figures are the numbers of the approval rules of the European economic Commission of the UN.

At the top of the marking, as a rule, is the name of the manufacturer of the glass. It doesn’t always have to be car. But most of all, if your car are the factory glass, you will see the logo of the brand of the car.


Long code with letters and numbers according to the type of glass. For example, according to the US standard, AS looks like this:

  • AS1 – laminated glass
  • AS2 – tempered glass
  • AS3 – layered or tempered glass is a dark color

You can sometimes find multi-layered sign, which means laminated glass, and under it sign II, which is used in the double glazing. Figures placed after the letters M, report the type of glass design, including its thickness and color.


On the right side of marking glass, as a rule, there is a number and some points. This is the approximate date of manufacture of the glass. The number represents the year of production, for example 14 – 2014 and 99 1999. Each point corresponds to the month in which the glass left the factory. One point is located in front of the number indicating a year – Jan, two – Feb, etc until June. July and subsequent months is the point located after the number signifying the year of production. For example, one point in July and two August, etc.

How to read the markings on the car Windows? 

It is through knowledge that the marks on the Windows machine, you can determine before buying the car (having examined all his glasses), does the year of manufacture of glass year of release of the car, and did the glass. Please note that sometimes on a machine with the original factory glass one or two glasses may not match the year of the release of other Windows.

And this does not mean that you the car, which had been replaced by glass. It all depends on the batch of glass delivered to the plant for Assembly of the machine. Remember that some glass can be a year/two older than the age of the car. But if the machine inspection you can see that several Windows of the car younger than car, 100% of the glass was varied.


You should know that although there are certain standards for the marking of glass, every car manufacturer suppliers OEM glass or their alternatives may use their own codes regarding parameters and design.