How to quickly remove sticker from car: Video

Four ways to remove old vinyl decals from a car


How to quickly remove sticker from car: Video

Vinyl stickers – a stylish, fashionable, youth. Small funny stickers like: “driving biker” or the outline of the track “Nurburgring” can be seen on the cover or door of the trunk of the vehicle in front. But these colorful stickers there is a downside: when you need to remove them, it turns out that this is not always easy. Over the years, the glue is usually firmly adhere to the paintwork, and the vinyl becomes brittle, and it becomes very difficult to pull out from the surface, it will break and flake off pieces in General, nothing but trouble. Not to mention those unsightly stains that remain after removing the sticker.


How to quickly remove sticker from car: Video

The question arises what to do for trouble-free removing decals from car body? In this case, we can help so-called detailing. As per Wikipedia – a complex high-tech operations in a thorough and complete car care. The process of getting rid of stickers shared one of the most well-known automobile dealerof YouTube – Larry Casella.


Live long and constitutes the detailed instructions to complete the cleanup of the old BMW M5 the beginning of the “zero” years, called “up”, both inside and outside. However, of particular interest to us is only part of the work associated it with the removal of the labels, which are in abundance were put up around the car’s body, once participated in the race “the Cannonball Run”. Flying at maximum speed through half the world, and finishing in new York, this sedan so what is left hung with stickers for nearly 20 years.

How to quickly remove sticker from car: Video

The old vinyl stripped is very difficult, so if you have problems with the cleaning of the car body and you don’t know what to do, be sure to view part of the video in which the master removes the stickers from the car (start from 7.50 min) using three different ways: heat, steam and mechanical action.


Method # 1. Steam

The idea is to loosen the glue that holds the sticker on the paint without damaging the paint. Steam gun will do the job as gently as possible. Disadvantages of course too. At least need a steam generator, or have to go to service for cleaning.


Method # 2. Heat gun

The same idea, but more risk. Use only for experienced users. The difficulty is that this approach simply overheating the paint, damaging it in the moment when you try to remove the vinyl. To verify that you do not overdo you in the heat, says Larry, attach the arm to the car body in the place of the work. If you can’t keep her there for a second or two – the bar is too hot.


Method # 3. The rubber disk

The rubber disk on the machine will remove any vinyl, but again, linger too long in one place, and you risk to remove not only the sticker but the top layer of varnish.


All three ways of challenging and more suited to professionals. Outside of these options, you can do the following: to put (attach) to the surface of a towel soaked in boiling water. Hold it on the sticker for 20 seconds or so. The glue will start to heat up, allowing you to peel off the decal with no problems, by prying up with a plastic scraper or fingernail.


And before you Polish the place where the sticker attrite glue residue using solvent of type “white spirit”. This way you will avoid the unpleasant appearance of adhesive stains and spots.


If you need to remove many stickers it’s not the quickest process, but it is what you want to do it right once, and you can remake a dozen times.