How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app

Prepare accident with the help of mobile applications

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app

Accident. Even a small collision is always the nerves, the frustration, and for some a personal tragedy – scratched favorite “swallow”. In all this turmoil, only the strong in spirit will not fall into a stupor and conduct required by law.


But here’s the problem, if used for any road accidents the algorithm of actions was a single – call 112 from a mobile phone or 02 landline (if you know the phone call the traffic police in the districts, you can call directly) – and wait. Long wait. But when you arrive the inspector, he will tell and help. Something to fill, like where to put the signature – is all the traffic police officer. Now, when minor accidents on the road gradually came under the europrotocol, that is, the drivers themselves should be executed without the participation of man in form and disperse, problems for caught in a jam of motorists increased.


Good that you read our material, now you will know that it is not so terrible evroprotokol as it is represented by a, because PCA (Russian Union of auto insurers) has developed and launched a mobile app that will help all drivers to make an accident on evroprotokol unlimited.*


*Note that the payout limit may be possible under a policy of compulsory third party liability insurance (CTP), i.e. the injured party is entitled to compensation in the amount of 100,000 rubles, not 50,000 rubles, as it was until June 2018.

Also do not forget that in regions such as: Moscow, Moscow oblast, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region limit according to the europrotocol equal to the maximum payment for insurance is 400,000 rubles.


Also it should be recalled that from 1 June this year, the drivers can arrange an accident on evroprotokol even if there are disagreements. Earlier this privilege they do not possess.


100 or 400 thousand rubles payout is good. BUT! Count on maximum coverage of the damage by E-Protocol is possible only if data on road collision are unadjusted and fixed any technical complexes of ERA-GLONASS, popularly called a “black box” or through a special mobile application. The latter is also able to redirect information into the automated system AIS OSAGO in unadjusted form. About how to use the application will be discussed.


Will there be problems with the application?

RSA fully launched the functionality of your mobile application, but improvements continue.


Despite the fact that, formally, a mobile application was launched back in the spring of 2018, its main section and then has not earned. Promised to fully start it June 1, but as you can see, to make out an accident through the program has been possible only recently. And then, as the representatives of the PCA to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”: “This software was prepared in a hurry and still be refined”. In other words, while working with the program is subject to “bugs”, but soon they will need to be addressed.

Am I obliged now to arrange an accident with “accident.Evroprotokol”?

Not until the issue of an accident using this app is optional. But the plans in 2019, when making an accident without the presence of traffic police will have to use. Either button ERA-GLONASS, or mobile application from RSA. Another way for self-registration of accidents in the future.


Where to download the application “of the accident.Evroprotokol”?

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app

Application “of the accident.The European accident report” is the official application of the Russian Union of insurers. So don’t be afraid. The main download the official app onto your smartphone. You can do this simply by driving to the App Store if you own an iPhone or you have an iPad, the app name “of the accident.Europrotocol”. Exactly also searched for the app on Android devices in Google Play write those two magic words.


Or just go with the appropriate device on one of the links. For iPhone and iPad in the App Store:


For Android devices visit to download the app through Google Play:


How to use the program to design an accident?


Registration in “the accident.Evroprotokol”

Downloaded the app on their device? Please note that it is absolutely free. This is important in case in future there will be fraudulent application pretending to be an official program from PCA, which are likely to require payment for downloading or to impose additional paid services.


Open the app:

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


On the main page, the two menu sections: “the accident. Evroprotokol” and “Check insurance policy”. We are in the first section.


By the way, the review function of the policy is also very convenient and timely. Probably every car enthusiast has heard about a large number of fake insurance policies, including distributed little-known companies and huckster.


To work with the app, you will need to register. Remember, write down the Username and Password or save them in the “bunch of keys” on the device, they will require you to login:

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


Also note the pop-up top tips. Them there will be a lot and it pleases. To make a mistake would be virtually impossible. Even at the registration stage, the system advises as a login to use the mobile phone number or email. email:


How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


Go down the page and fill in the appropriate fields:

A vehicle State registration sign, VIN. The chassis number (strollers) and the chassis (frame), if equipped. The data shall be made in accordance with the Certificate of registration of a vehicle.

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


“The insurance policy” a Series and number of the insurance policy. Filled in accordance with the insurance policy in which the insured vehicle.

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


In the section “confirmation Method” , enter your E-mail or phone number.

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


Attention! One car means one account! If you have multiple machines to register in the electronic system you.


The use of the program when making the Europrotocol


The accident occurred, and you mutually with the other driver decided to issue it without waiting for the inspectors? It’s time to go to the application.


In the section “Register of accidents” is four things:

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app

“Check the conditions of Unlimited Euro Protocol”. At this stage you are asked to provide the date of issue of insurance policies.


“Photographing the damage.” Every action on the photographic images of the app in the direct sense would monitor and give. What you need to capture on cell phone camera, how it was done, the electronics will tell you herself. You just need to adapt to and comply with instructions. If any stage is skipped, the system simply will not give you the opportunity to move to the next stage.


Necessary to take a picture:

Completed notice of an accident (this document you provide to the insurer upon failure)

The General plan of the accident with visible license plates of cars

Damage: General and close-up.


How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app

Photos will be sent to AIS CMTPL with the date and time of shooting, as well as the coordinates where the footage was taken.


By the way, the third step, again, is called “determination of the coordinates of the accident scene”. He gives a reference to the area where the collision occurred with the help of technology of global satellite navigation systems or stations of a cellular network.


That’s it, you can release the roadway.


There are only about for five days to visit your insurance company. There need to submit a notification of the accident both drivers involved in the accident. The victim’s need to obtain money to repair, culprit, so it has not been claims from the insurance. Latest may file and regressive claim.



PS Electronic design is certainly good. But the reader most likely has the same question: “What if I don’t? The smartphone was discharged, broke, not getting any service?”


If you consider that from 2019 the electronic application will be mandatory, I honestly don’t know. In this case, you will have to fill out a form about the accident the old fashioned way, suggests the algorithm of actions of traffic police:

How to make an accident on Evroprotokol using the mobile app


It will be possible and this option. Or call employees? To say to be honest difficult. Perhaps on this account will be an official explanation of RSA.

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