How to inspect and change the cabin filter of your car

Save: to change the cabin filter every driver.

How to inspect and change the cabin filter of your car

Don’t want to pay the dealer a bunch of money to replace the cabin air filter in your car? It doesn’t matter. It makes no sense to look for the car wash cheaper. You can replace the cabin filter yourself. It’s very simple.


Many people think that the cabin filter is less important than air and oil. But it’s not. The cabin filter should also be changed regularly. And more often than you think. Yes, the cabin filter has nothing to the engine and other important parts of the machine. It cleans the air that enters the interior from the street. But if you don’t regularly change it, the car will start to happen bad things. For example, because of the dirty cabin filter in the car will begin to form unpleasant odors. But it’s not so bad. Due to the downtrodden cabin filter into the cabin will be supplied enough oxygen to blow. In the end, those car Windows will often fog up.


How to inspect and change the cabin filter of your car

Fortunately, every driver can replace the cabin filter yourself. Online today there are many video tutorials on replacing the air cabin filters in various cars. The only thing in all cars the cabin filter is changed differently, as it is located in different places.


After watching these videos, you’ll be surprised how easy, simple and fast to do everything yourself. In the end, you’ll not only save time but also money. You know how much it costs to change the cabin filter at the dealer.

Maximum how much will you spend time is 10-20 minutes.


For example, here is how to video on replacing the cabin filter on the Lada Grant


Video from Darius Stone (YouTube)


Here is a video tutorial on checking and replacing the cabin air filter on the Hyundai Solaris model series in 2017-2018


Video channel S L (YouTube)


Or here’s a video that will help you learn how to change the cabin filter on a Ford Focus third generation


Video from Nicholas Pankevich (YouTube)


By the way, many owners of Lada Vesta are faced with the problem to replace the cabin filter, which in accordance with the specifications provided to remove the glove box. But recently, the Network appeared a surprisingly easy way to replace the filter without removing the glove box. Here it is


Video channel TI DAG05 (YouTube)


For the Subaru lovers have a foreign life hack to replace the cabin filter


Video channel Boost Brothers (YouTube)

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