How to get rid of persistent minor scratches on the car body?

What is a “soft” or “hard” car paint and how to take care of it?

How to get rid of persistent minor scratches on the car body?

Among the masters of revealing and professionals involved with painting cars there is a term little known to the layman: “hard” and “soft” automotive paint, also found the concept of “hard” and “soft” varnish. Honestly, for me the phenomenon was a complete surprise and a real discovery. Did not know before that the paints differ in gradation softness. About body lucky guess, because from personal observation it was evident on the bodies of some cars scratches appear quickly and in large numbers, other paint holds almost untouched by the years.

The details of the gradation of the coatings today are not going to go, leave this inheritance for the pros whose job it is to mix all these types of paints and the selection of the right lacquer, let’s discuss only the General characteristics of a “color protect” the metal body of the car.


In General, what the ordinary motorist need to know what type of LWA applied to the body of your car? The explanation is simple – the hardness of the paint coating defines the methods of body care and this process should be approached consciously, applying the necessary methods for LCP a certain level.

How to get rid of persistent minor scratches on the car body?

Visiting a retail outlet selling enamel, when selecting paint, you will come across several label types: MS, HS and UHS. These letters will characterize the hardness, that is, the level of resistance to mechanical stress of the external environment (scratch) and maintainability of the protective layer. Also three grades reflect the percentage of parts and added to the substance additives.


The first type is easily scratches on the body, and their ease of removal with polishing. Over time, the lacquer under the label MS does not crack, but monitor his status is more closely.


The second type of marking – HS – more resistant to scratches, but if its still damaged, polishing will take longer time. However, according to experts, the polishing can achieve excellent results, the damage will be unnoticeable.


UHS is the hardest of paints. Scratch it is possible only with application of great force.

On the basis of an understanding of what type of LKP before you can determine what actions you need to take care of them. Moreover, differences in the washing and polishing will be minimal, and in fact will be reduced to one – the number of “passes” buffing machine or cloth coated Polish.

How to get rid of persistent minor scratches on the car body?

To determine that a body or other type of LKP based on initial data, such as: “I Have a Honda, so the paint “soft”,” or “I own a Chevrolet that from the factory come with “hard” coating”, will not work.


Moreover, detailer (professionals who prepare the cars to a variety of exhibitions, premieres and other official events where you need to show the car in all its splendor) in common – to determine the type of paint it is impossible even for spreadsheets models. Knowing the year of manufacture, batch, and time of exit from the conveyor to the minute (imagine that somehow you got so precise information), to find out what varnish was covered with the body of the car is still impossible.

What to do in this case? To choose the method of care LPC only practical method.

How can you determine the hardness?

How to get rid of persistent minor scratches on the car body?

This requires observation and time. Here are a few important aspects of speaking in front of you a “soft” paint:

1.On the surface appear quickly minor scratches

2.They can be easily and quickly removed

3.Pollution (oil spills, bitumen, gasoline stains) to remove from the surface of the body more difficult


Than coating “harder”, more difficult it will be to “close up” obtained during operation of the vehicle physical damage but the easier it will be to clean off surface contamination, causing minimal damage to the protective surface.


How to get rid of small scratches?

How to get rid of persistent minor scratches on the car body?

Assume – before you the roof of the car. It has scratches. You walked polishing machine on the surface. Scratches are almost invisible? Rather, you are dealing with a mild type of LWA. Enough to make a thorough second pass with applied vehicle from scratches and it’s in the bag.


If a fine network of scratches visible even after the second pass, it is likely that you are dealing with a harder coating. In such cases you need to add a little more Polish, slightly increase the rotation speed of the polishing machine and a little harder to pin down to the surface.


Perhaps many will think that we are told about the obvious things. I guess they’re right. But we are right in their own way, because many motorists simply ignore such “obvious” things, and now those who didn’t will be aware and will not run after several attempts to get rid of this annoying mesh scratches to the store for a “miracle” means, and just put a little more effort, achieving excellent results. After all, it is the only really effective way of getting rid of scratches.