How to charge your phone from a 9-volt battery “the Crone”?

You really can charge your smartphone using “the Crown”.

How to charge your phone from a 9-volt battery  

If your phone battery has died, but you don’t have outlets to charge, you can revive your gadget using a conventional 9-volt battery of type “Crone”.


You may have already seen this hack on the Internet. We also wrote about it here. This time we offer you another easier way to charge the phone battery using cheap batteries.


For this you will need a car charger, which you plug into the cigarette lighter. Next, take the spring from a ballpoint pen gun and put it on a metal area on the side of the charger, as shown in the pictures above.

Then align the 9-volt battery “Krona” and connect it to the large (negative) terminal of the battery to the spring. Positive contact of the battery should touch the center of the car charger.


Next, hold the whole structure in place for some time.


How much time will it take?


We have personally tried this life hack is handy for charging your phone. For example, we to increase the charge of the iPhone SE from 60% to 67% took only 7 minutes. The exact charging time, which you will need to revive your phone is completely discharged, will depend on how much your gadget is thin and how much charge is left in the battery.


Of course, in order to somehow recharge a dead phone, you will have an uncomfortable position to hold the battery and charger in hand. Your hands, of course, can get tired. But you can find a way out. For example, you can pin the “Crown” on the charger with adhesive tape or put a design on the table and pressed with heavy books.


How many batteries will need to charge the phone fully?


A typical 9-volt battery “Krona” has a charge capacity of 500 milliamp hours (mAh) . Compare it to the battery capacity of your phone. Here are some examples:

  • iPhone 8: 1,821 mAh
  • iPhone 7: 1,960 mAh
  • iPhone SE: 1,624 mAh (this is the phone that has been tested by us)
  • Galaxy S8 or S9: 3000 mAh
  • Pixel 2: 2,700 mAh

To fully charge the phone battery capacity of 3000 mAh will need about 6 batteries. Therefore, this life hack is not ideal if you want to charge the phone to full battery.


In this case, you not only have after charging to throw a lot of batteries, but also to spend a huge amount of time on charging. But nevertheless — it’s a great life hack for those who don’t know how, without electricity to charge their phone at least to write a few messages or calls to make, tell about yourself.


At least one battery of “Krona”, you will need to turn your smartphone, for example, to ask for help by calling a single number 112.


This is one of the best lifehacks for motorists who may find themselves in a deserted place with a dead phone and a dead car battery fully it will not allow to revive the phone to call and ask for help. So I advise you to always carry in the glove box a few 9-volt batteries “Crown”.

What to do if this method doesn’t work?

How to charge your phone from a 9-volt battery  

First, make sure that everything is connected. The spring should touch the metal side of the casing of the car charger, you may need to press the button on the end of the car charger (the positive terminal), and your charging cable must be connected as usual.


On large phones, theoretically, in this type of battery may cause problems with the supply of sufficient voltage under load. In the end, charging the phone can often times run on and off. To do this, then you need to add a 9 volt or two AA batteries (AA batteries) as pictured:


To connect the crown and penlight batteries may be used as a contact to use regular foil. Its way easier to stick to the battery, you can use superglue.

Attention! Make sure that the pieces of foil do not touch each other, if you don’t want a short circuit!

Also if you buy batteries and put it in the glove compartment of your car, don’t forget to throw in it and an automatic ball pen with a spring inside, which you will need to connect the car charger to the battery. In a pinch you can of course use pieces of aluminum foil instead of the spring. But the spring from a ballpoint pen to use easier and more convenient.


But better and more modern is to buy a portable charger, which you should take with you pre-charge it at home from a wall outlet. In this case, you have never to be headache, where to charge the phone, if the car battery is dead.


Also do not forget that if you bring a laptop, you can charge your phone using computer by inserting the cable from charging your phone at the USB port of the laptop.