How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow

How to professionally keep an eye on his car.

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow  

Unfortunately, many motorists incorrectly caring for their cars. Most of us gain knowledge through the tops and poslushalas “experienced drivers”, who often only know about how to serve the old carburetor Zhiguli, usually make mistakes in the care of the car. In the end, reducing the lifetime of the car.

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

And then we start to criticize your brand/model of car for the unreliability, poor quality, etc., considering all the troubles to blame the automaker. But in most cases, we blame ourselves. Remember that the guarantee of long service life of cars is your attitude toward it. We bring you tips that will help you to maintain the car to increase its service life.


1. Clean interior and exterior of your car every month. Jokes aside.

 How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow

Why this is important: to keep your car clean – it’s like that to keep his room clean. But in contrast to room your car constantly in sight, and everyone can appreciate on appearance, how it’s dirty (or clean). To extend the life of the paintwork and keep the interior in good condition for a long time, you should wash the car completely at least 1 time per month.

In a complex unit should enter interior cleaning, machining seats of various tools, cleaning the glass from the inside, removing dust with a vacuum cleaner. In particular, you should use after washing, the protection of the body, causing the wax to the body. While washing the body be sure to rinse the arches and the bottom of the car.


You should not do it: the unclean from the body of the car the dirt will get into the salon. The dirt on the body and the passenger compartment can cause damage to paintwork as well as surface finishing materials of salon. Especially in winter when roads are treated with deicing agents containing in its composition of salt, which, as you know, is the cause of corrosion of the metal. Also road salt reagents can easily damage the flooring of the cabin. So in the winter the car needs to visit the sink twice as often.


2. Change the oil every 8000-10000 miles and use a reliable brand

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: every automaker in the manual to the car (or in the service book) indicates recommended conditions for the planned replacement of the engine oil. If earlier almost all the car manufacturers were advised to change the oil every 10,000 km, today many modern cars every 12,000 or 15,000 km, But we recommend you not to listen to such advice. Better change the engine oil the old fashioned way – every 8000-10000 km. Especially if you mainly use the car in the city (traffic congestion, frequent stops at traffic lights, short trips, etc.).


In this mode of motion oil is better to change on engine hours and not mileage. After all, compare how much you will travel kilometers for 1.5 hours on an empty road suburban road with a speed of 100 km/h and what is the mileage you will pass, twitching in traffic during the same period. Agree, the difference is obvious.

4A now imagine how many hours you can work on the engine if you are stationary in traffic and passing a short distance. In this mode, the 10K miles you nezdice a very long time. But motor oil will lose its properties even long before the odometer will count down the next ten thousand miles. So take it a rule to change the oil as often as possible. If possible, change it every 8000 km.


Also be careful to choose the engine oil. Do not use cheap oil of dubious quality. Purchase oil only in trusted stores (read the reviews on the net or listen to the opinion of their mechanic).


Not worth it to do this: your car needs oil to not only lubricate the engine. The oil also performs a cooling function of the engine, and also has detergent properties that allow you to clean the internal motor components of plaque, deposits, etc. For effective lubrication of the engine needs a certain amount of oil. Unfortunately, sometimes in some of the cars from the factory, there is intensive feeding of oil. Over a period of time the oil level goes to low.

In the end, car owners are forced to add engine oil between THE. Also a frequent cause of reduction of oil level in the engine is the leak/ leaks and, of course, wear piston system.

Therefore, every car owner needs to monitor the oil level in the engine, checking it every month.

In the case of makarora (that is, oil out) it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the engine.


3. Check the tire pressure every month and swap wheels every 8000-10000 km

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: improper tyre pressure can lead to many problems. Including to break volatile movements, increase fuel consumption and, of course, for that flat tire. Therefore regularly check the tire pressure with a gauge. Also periodically inspect the tread of the tyres subject to uniform wear. For a more or less uniform wheel wear and swap their places every 8000-10000 km.


Not worth it to do it: replacing your tires can cost a round sum (new tire + tire). If you will not monitor the pressure in the wheels and move them from place to place, then your tires will wear out much faster. So it is better to check tire pressure and do not spare money on the permutation wheels.


4. Change brake pads every 30,000 to 40,000 miles or sooner if your brakes wear out

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this matters: you must make a point to check the brake system every. If you hear when braking, unpleasant grinding sound or squeaking, this should cause you concern. Perhaps your car has worn brake pads or brake discs. Often wear pads, which are subjected to large temperature loads.


Not to do: do not allow the wear of brake pads to avoid damaging the brake discs. If you postpone the replacement pads, it can lead to premature failure of the brake discs, which cost a lot of money. So better to replace the brake pads more often to change the brake discs. If the cause is bad brakes are the brake discs, immediately change them with new ones. Remember that driving with worn brake rotors is dangerous (when braking worn brake disc can burst).


5. Make sure that the rear view mirror is always in order

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: Yes, if at the back of the head had eyes, it would be an absolute advantage for driving. However, people have only two eyes. Fortunately, to help us come behind the wheel of the rear view mirror, which, in fact, replace the second pair of eyes. For safety while driving all rear view mirrors must be clean. Also, mirrors should give excellent visibility rear and side view. If your car comes with is not very effective mirrors, purchase new or retrofit kit side mirrors additional mirrors to improve the visibility in your car.


Shouldn’t do: driving with dirty mirrors or no mirrors makes your driving unsafe. So you risk to get into an accident. Well, after the accident, you know, it is unlikely that your vehicle will be regarded as being in perfect condition. Want to keep the car? Then think of the rear view mirror as the screen of your smartphone.


6. Follow your car’s interior to maintain its high resale value

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: everything in the world eventually gets old. Including the interior of the vehicle. Unfortunately, over time leather/plastic dashboard, leather/fabric seats eventually wear out and fade under the action of ultraviolet light. Fortunately, today the shop sells a variety of chemicals to care for the interior in the car. These tools allow you to maintain it in good condition, maintaining the appearance of the interior almost the same as it was when you bought the car in the showroom.


Shouldn’t do: if you don’t care for the interior of the car dirty interior will repay you in the same coin. You are guaranteed to lose in the market value of the car when you sell it on the secondary market. This means that you will get less money to buy their next car. Remember that the appearance of the cabin, buyers of used cars pay attention to in the first place.


7. Replace all bad bulbs in the headlights as soon as I can

 How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow

Why it matters: the ride home in the dark can be a nightmare if one of your headlights not working correctly (the lamp flashes due to poor contact). Also uncomfortable you will be, and in the case that xenon your headlights faded.

But most often we are faced with a burned out bulb in the headlights. Many of us are not in a hurry to change the bulb, postponing the replacement by then.


Not do: in no case do not delay the replacement of light bulbs in the headlights for later. It’s your safety and that of other road users. Besides you, according to SDA, have no right to travel on public roads with a blown light bulb in the headlight.

Usually replacing the bulbs in the headlights is pretty simple. In most cars you can do it yourself.


8. If you are going to drive the car for a while, make sure it is properly stored

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: if you are going for some time be absent, make sure you properly store your car. If you are going for a long time, it is desirable to cover the car cover, pre-washed it on the sink. Also fill the fuel tank and make sure the car battery is fully charged.


Not to do: improper storage of your vehicle could result in a discharged battery, engine damage and even the emergence of some nasty creatures that live under the hood of your car. It is rats and mice, which, unfortunately, will not pay you for the repair pererezannym wires and plating.


9. Change air filter every 30 000-50 000 km or every year

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: think about the air filter of your car as your lungs (it is important that our lungs are kept clean and healthy, so we could breathe easier, and harmful substances do not affect our breath). In the car dirty air filter leads to a lack of oxygen required for the fuel mixture. Also a dirty filter will cause contact with the engine of different pollutants. As a result, the engine will quickly become contaminated with oil.

A dirty filter will increase fuel consumption. So don’t forget to check the condition of the air filter and the pollution to change to a new one. If your region in the summer, there was a lot of smog from forest fires or burning of the grass, a lifetime air filter usually is reduced in two times.


Not worth it to do this: your car won’t explode, of course, from a dirty air filter, but it is possible that, leaving it for a long time on the machine, you will contribute to engine failure. Spend 15 minutes to install the new air filter, and you can be sure of the engine and your pocket, which can devastate the earth due to excess spending on fuel.


10. Get the tool Waterproof for the Windows of your car to protect them from water

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: today in car shops and many supermarkets sell a variety of tools to help the glass to repel water. This is a useful tools for car owners. For example, very easy to use the spray Waterproof, with which you will improve the visibility while driving. After processing of the glass this means the water they will fly off like a bullet from the concrete.


Not to do: do not treat the glass of your car is irresponsible. Because clean glass is the key to your safety behind the wheel. Than transparent machine glass, the better visibility while driving.


11. Make sure your car is ready for the cold winter

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: before the onset of winter every driver needs to make sure his car is completely ready for the cold period of time. You should check the battery. If the battery is old (over three years), then it is better to replace a new one. If charging is low, the battery is desirable to maintain (to add water, electrolyte and put on the charger).

Including check the thermostat, what is the coolant level. But at the same time make sure that the stove does, heated mirrors and rear glass. Also put in the trunk of a small shovel, a snow brush and ice scraper, do not forget about the gloves. Lubricate all the rubbers with silicone grease. Check the condition of winter tires.


Shouldn’t do: don’t treat winter as a normal season. Winter for any car is first and foremost extreme conditions. If you don’t want to deal with the discharged battery, pulling the car out of the snow on the tug or feel what I feel fans of drift, prepare your car for winter. Pay special attention to the wheels and battery.


12. Maintain your engine’s temperature balanced, changing the antifreeze every 20000-40000 km or every two years

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: the antifreeze helps protect your engine from overheating and from freezing. That is, the antifreeze works in all temperatures. Unfortunately, antifreeze, and oil, over time, loses its chemical properties and ceases to effectively carry out their role. So like oil, it need to be replaced periodically.

Many automakers recommend changing it every 3 years. But we suggest to do it much more often if you don’t want to damage the radiator cooling the engine. You also need to check the antifreeze level. Remember that low coolant level could cause engine overheating, which could lead to its failure.


Not worth it to do that without antifreeze in the cooling system your car’s engine will quickly overheat, which will lead to damage. In the first place damaged the cylinder head, seals and gaskets. Even the slightest overheating of the motor can cause oil leaks. In most cases, an overheating engine will result in expensive repairs. Don’t let low levels of antifreeze. Always refill the coolant.


13. Check to see if the factory reviews your car, which you may not know

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: over the past 10 years, the world was rocked by not one car scandal. The largest of these was the scandal with the recall of General Motors vehicles. Recall that an American company recalled a record number of cars due to problems with the power steering was recalled 1.3 million vehicles. In our country official factory reviews pass through Rosstandart. Through the official website of Rosstandart you can check spoke your car in connection with the identified factory defects and marriage. You can do it here.


Not worth it to do this: faulty machines often lead to really bad things, like leaks that cause fires, broken gas pedals that do not allow someone to stop, and even to incorrect deployment of the airbags, which are disclosed without reason. Save yourself from depressive thoughts and check your car on the subject of a factory recall. Otherwise, you may drive a car, representing a time bomb.


14. Keep receipts for maintenance of your car, to ease future repairs

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: when you come to the doctor in the clinic, you are often asked to show old results of research. So the doctor is easier to understand what’s going on. The same applies to car. When you come to auto repair, the mechanics ask us about when we last changed the oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, or are interested in, what repairs were carried out in recent years.

Unfortunately, not everyone can remember everything that was done to the vehicle. It is therefore very useful to retain the purchase orders and receipts for any repairs and maintenance. This kind of service history would not only beg the task of servicing your car, but will be an additional guarantee for the future buyer of your car that will convince him that you took good care of the car. Sometimes the presence of such history allows us to sell a vehicle much more profitable.


Not do: if your machine is under warranty, in no case do not throw away receipts for maintenance. Otherwise, if something breaks during the warranty period, you will not be able to prove that carried out routine maintenance according to the service book, which shows the work recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. If you frequently lose receipts, and inconvenient to store them, then at least take a picture of them on your smartphone.


15. Remove bird droppings from the car as soon as I can

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: you may not know this, but bird poop is a terrible oxidant, which can damage the paintwork of your car. Therefore, as soon as the bird droppings were on the paint of the body, immediately remove it from the machine. If bird droppings have dried, soak it with an alcohol pad and remove with a damp sponge. In an extreme case, refer to the wash. If bird droppings have done their evil deed and damaged thin layer of lacquer on the bodywork, Polish the damaged area.


Shouldn’t do to damage from the fact that some bird went to the toilet on your car, sounds crazy, but it really could be the place to be. Especially if you do not pay attention to such labels. Remember that paint work that will lead the appearance of the machine in the original form, can get too expensive.


16. Consider buying additional gadgets to protect your car from damage and theft

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: many of us consider their car their children. So, like any good parent, we want to protect their cars from the crazy, dangerous world. In particular, we are afraid that our car is stolen or open to steal some things from the salon. We also worried about damaging your car as the latest expensive smartphone, blowing a speck of dust.

To protect your car from theft and damage, buy additional gadgets. For example, to protect the machine against theft, install additional security system. It is desirable that it was like electronic surveillance system, or mechanical (e.g., buy a lock on the steering wheel and automatic transmission). If possible, purchase a satellite alarm system, which can track the vehicle via satellites and cell towers.


To protect your machine from damage, buy a rear view camera that will give you a rear view on the screen located on the console, or rearview mirror (depending on model). If your machine is not equipped with Parktronic, pick up a kit to retrofit Parking sensors.


Not to do: do not think that with your car nothing will happen. Although all of the above is not fully required for your car, additional peace of mind that you get knowing that your bumper is protected or that your car is less likely to be stolen, priceless.


17. Maintain the cleanliness of the bottom of the car, buying a reliable floor mats

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: car mats not only prevent dust and water on the trim, but also protect your feet from heat by absorbing excess heat. Do not spare money on good mats, which should be light and easy to clean.


Shouldn’t do: getting into the salon such things as sand, water and dust is likely to backfire big time when cleaning and can have some unpleasant consequences for your car, if you leave dirt in the car for a long time. Choose what is better – to buy extra rubber floor mats and clean them in 5 minutes or to spend cleaning conventional carpet/cloth mats about an hour.


18. Check spark plugs every 30,000 to 40,000 miles and be sure to replace it every 70 000-80 000 km

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: the spark plugs are necessary for normal functioning of any car. And while most of them work long enough, it is still recommended to periodically check their condition to see if they affect the operation of the engine as a whole. Experts advise to check the spark plugs about every 30-40 thousand km and necessarily to be replaced through 70-80 thousand km, even though outwardly their condition is not satisfactory.


Not to do: do not treat the spark plug as a lighter. Remember that a bad spark plug can lead to awful fuel consumption and improper operation of the engine, as well as to a number of other problems. In the end, bad spark can greatly affect the engine, which can lead to serious damage.


19. Do not neglect insurance policy CASCO

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: you can be the best driver in the world, but in order to get into an accident, you will need just one bad driver on the road. In the end, it can leave you and your car in idle. Therefore, I advise you, though, of course, and expensive to acquire insurance policies, comprehensive insurance that will protect you from the damages of the car in case of an accident. And no need to rely on the insurance policy, which, unfortunately, often cannot cover all expenses for the car repair after the accident.

Especially now that you can’t in most cases receive a cash payment for the damage since the insurance is paid in kind (repair of the car in the technical center, working under contract with the insurer). Unfortunately, the quality of repair work in such establishments leaves much to be desired. The more so because of the accident my fault no one is immune. But unlike insurance policy insurance will cover the damages even if the accident is your fault.


Shouldn’t do: although common sense is that you should never drive a car without insurance, many people try to save money on owning a car by any means. Not only that, motorists in highschool (or really not) money for insurance, so in recent years, many drivers stopped to purchase a mandatory insurance policy. This means that on the road today drives a lot of cars without insurance. If such a car collide with your car, then expect to pay within the insurance policy you don’t need.

After all, if the culprit will not current insurance policy, no one will pay for the damage. In this case you will be forced to seek damages through the courts. Not easy to find in stock some cheap insurance with a deductible? Believe me, sometimes it is more profitable than to insure the car. Remember that saying “We are not rich enough to save,” has repeatedly affirmed his innocence.


20. Prevent damage of your car, Parking in the shade and using curtains on the Windows

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: the roasting of your car in the scorching sun can lead to heat damage as paint, body and interior. On hot, Sunny days, try to Park the car in the shade under large trees. If where you Park for a long time (near work or home), there are no appropriate trees, purchase a special protective screen on the windshield, which will save the interior of the car from overheating.


Should not do: should not treat the sun as a source of beautiful tan and good mood. Remember that UV rays (UV) of the sun can cause not only external damage to the paint, but also to melt the plastic in the cabin. The sun’s rays can lead to cracking of the dashboard and fading paint the whole center console. In addition, you will agree, not the most pleasant thing to sit in a hot car waiting for the cabin to cool air conditioning. So to protect themselves from the stuffy, overheated in the sun the cabin, Park the car in the shade and get a protective screen on the windshield.


21. Keep copies of important documents in the glove box, and leave the originals in a different, more secure location

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why it matters: many of us love to carry in the glove compartment of his car all sorts of documents, from insurance and medical insurance. Some there hold an identity card. But remember that the car is not a storage space for original documents. Suggest you make copies of important documents, putting them in the glove compartment. The original store in another place.


Not worth it to do this: replace any original documents on the copy can be quite a big problem. For example, you can’t carry a copy of ID, copy of drivers license, copy of STS. These documents you must have with you the original in order to present them to the officer on demand, if you have a legitimate reason. But this does not mean that you have to store the originals in the car.


Leaving the car, always take them with you. Otherwise your documents with personal data could end up in the hands of criminals that can get into the car. By the way, here is a copy of an insurance policy you can carry. Today this is enough to provide the traffic police. Can also carry a copy of the vehicle registration.


22. Ask the expert about the failure of the car, if you are not confident in their knowledge

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: cars are so complex, how wonderful. That is, the more expensive and fancy car, so it is more difficult from a technical point of view. And so if you don’t know how to solve some problem in the car, better a thousand times take it to the professionals instead of to try to do something random. Take your car to a technical centre where you can see what’s going on with her, and you will find the source of your troubles. Save yourself from frustration, you can ensure that if something will be wrong during maintenance or repair of the machine.


Shouldn’t do: sometimes trying to fix one thing can cause it to break more stuff that will complicate the task for you and the auto mechanic. In the end, you don’t want to be a person who goes to work on the tow truck, due to the fact that you poured antifreeze directly into the engine. Are unsure or do not know something – do not climb. Remember that modern cars is not a simple vehicle of the type Volga and the Zhiguli.


23. Can’t learn when you need to set various consumables, contact your dealer or read the forums in the Network

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow

Why it matters: a guide for the owner of the car usually shows us what you should do at a certain mileage. But many owners of used cars have long lost the manual and service book, which shows the maintenance work.


However, any car owner can easily learn about THE maintenance routine for your machine, contact the dealer or reading the case of the automotive forums on the Internet which is laid out all maintenance work for almost any car. The plan of maintenance work you will know in advance what mileage to change the engine oil, oil filter, air filter, all fluids, spark plugs, etc.


Not to do: do not neglect routine maintenance of the car, of course, if you don’t want to ruin the car ahead of time. THEN no graphics will lead to frequent breakdowns. Your machine will start to act up like a child.


24. Do not drive recklessly

How to care for your vehicle: to Follow or not to follow 

Why this is important: try not to drive a car. And it’s not just due to a violation of the law. The fact is that at high speeds you not only put yourself in danger, but you risk to break the car.


Fast driving style (gas to the floor from the place, a sharp engine speed, double-declutching, the sharp switching speeds, cornering at high speed, sudden braking etc.) will kill your car ahead of time. Remember that most cars are not designed for extreme loads at speed. If you ride quietly, you, on the contrary, extend the life of your machine.


Shouldn’t do: remember that for fast racing drive have a special car. If your machine does not belong to the sports class and not equipped with the appropriate technology, fast driving will turn your car into junk.


Also you should know that even a sports car can’t withstand long extreme loads experienced by the engine, transmission, suspension, steering and brake system if you frequently drive fast. So if you are saving the money in your wallet, try to go quieter. A quieter ride will make your car more economical.