How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

How: adjustment of the headlights on their own manually

How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

Need to adjust the headlights on your car fast? Here is a guide that can help you in this matter. Now you will get the basics of how to personally put a beam of light of headlights so that they have covered the road in front of the car and not blinded oncoming drivers.


Why do you need it?

How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

Everybody knows that it is important to have a quality headlamp that will light your way in the dark. But the bulbs in the headlights do no good if they are not focused on the road, and this is something that many owners forget or just neglect, when own a car.


Over time, the vehicle operation may cause slipping headlight setting, they begin to Shine not there where should. By the way, the same effect can be achieved by frequently changing bulbs in the headlights, from this step, the reflectors may also be stray light beam does fly in the other direction.


This may lead to reduced visibility, which is very important when driving at night. When you are moving at a speed of 90 km/h, you only have a few seconds to avoid the collision at the moment, if something or someone POPs up on the road. Misaligned light beams can reduce the reaction time to zero. Your headlights just don’t illuminate obstacles. No need to explain further.


Whether to adjust the headlights yourself?

How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

Let’s add a caveat: it is understood that the adjustment of the headlights manually, it is rather a necessary measure. Of course, it is easier to come to the station or to the familiar autoservicio where you professional possible quality, the equipment competently and without violating the requirements of GOST will adjust the headlights. Please note that in the “List of faults and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles” in Chapter “External lighting”, there is paragraph 3.2, which States that: “the adjustment of the headlights does not correspond to GOST R 51709-2001”. GOST R 51709-2001 paragraph 4.3, you can at leisure to explore the state requirements for standards.


If the settings do not meet the standards, and the operation of a vehicle will be prohibited. After all, with incorrectly adjusted headlights (or shot down their adjustment) the car becomes dangerous on the road or highway. The blinding of the oncoming vehicle, poor roadside lighting, improper lighting of the roadway and so on. That’s what will lead to deviation from established norms.


So that, even in the material below we present an example of manual headlight adjustment is, it is better to use the car service with professionals who quickly you all adjust. The cost will hardly seem big, the more the adjustment needs to spend sometimes even less often than 1 time per year. From 600 to 1,500 rubles, and the headlights Shine not worse than a new one.


For all others who decide to expand their horizons, give the example of manual setup. Still, it is useful to know a little more than others know.


Adjust the headlight setting


The headlight adjustment is, in principle simple, but often tedious task that requires time to get the final result. Also it is understood that the setting of the headlights of each car will be different, so they will have nuances. But with practice and patience, you can learn how to do these settings on the road in minutes.


How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]





Prepare the car before headlamp aim

First, Park the vehicle on a level surface and make sure that your car is initially at a predetermined level. This means that from the trunk unloaded heavy things, the gas tank filled to the full and ensured the correct tyre pressure on all wheels. You will not be able to align the headlights if your car is not at the desired level. Later exposed to the illumination angle will be incorrect. Also, ideally, would cost about to check the condition of shocks, suspension components.


Find the wall

Secondly, you will need a wall. Park the car as close as possible from it and turn on the light (it is logical that configuration should be done in the dark, in dry weather). Now make a layout, which will be guided during the configuration of the headlights:

Mark with tape or chalk machine center (a Cross “+”)

Likewise, mark the center of the beam of each of the lamps beam. Draw a horizontal line connecting the center point of the headlights, through them draw a vertical line.*


*It is important to remember that the adjustment of the headlights should be carried out in the middle of the light.


Adjustment of the headlights

How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

Further, we find regulators (adjustment screws) on the rear part of the housing of each headlamp. They are usually made in the form of a screw or bolt on the back of the headlamp Assembly. There are more complex variants of access to adjustment of the headlights. To clarify, you need to refer to the user guide. For their identification, they are usually made of grey or silver color to stand out on the back black or dark grey background headlamp Assembly.

The process of setting up the lights

How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

After you have prepared the wall and found the adjusting screws carefully in a straight line will depart from the wall at 7.5-7.6 meters. It is best to measure this distance accurately, this will depend on the quality of the headlight setting.*


*In fact, not every car needs to move off from the wall by 7.5 meters. This is the total average distance, from Chrysler, for example, it corresponds to 10.3 meters, and Toyota recommends that you align the headlamps on distance of 3 meters from the wall. This is another example of when not superfluous to read the user’s manual.


Next, cover one headlight and see where falls the second beam relative to the marks made on the wall. For the vertical setting of the top part of the most concentrated part of the beam should be at or below the centerline of the horizontal level.


For horizontal “sighting” of the headlight to be adjusted so that the lateral vertical lines were in the middle of the light spots and a horizontal line on top and touched the borders of these spots. Make the necessary adjustments, if the light falls not on the marked region, regulirovanii turn the bolt a quarter turn and see where the beam falls. Now follow the same procedure for the other headlamp. Gradually, you’ll get lights in the desired position.


How to adjust headlights on a car [Example settings]

Read more about accuracy and standards settings can be found in paragraph 4.3 under the number GOST R 51709-2001.


When the distant and the dim light combined, with the setting beam, the second type will be automatically set.

In General, the setting is carried out in a similar way. This way you will be able to adjust the lights as needed. Zero cost money, but lighting begins to Shine much better. However, once again, that it is better to go to a garage and paying less than 1000 rubles to get the perfect result in 10 minutes. Inspection with these headlights pass you accurate!

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