How simple, but effective clear car mats

A simple but effective way to clean carpets and upholstery in a car

How simple, but effective clear car mats

Motorist motorist alike. Some owners loved their cars, dust them blow under the sun I try not to leave for a long time, and in the winter drive to the garage to their steel Pets turned into drifts. Others, on the contrary, absolutely do not bother about the safety of the car. It rides well, carries you from point A to point B, and it is fine. Such in the cabin is often possible to detect deposits of one-year-old mud cabin a hundred years ago smelled of cigarettes and oil in engines is good if changed with a delay of 2 thousand km.

In my personal opinion, both behavioural pattern are not true. To take care of the car like a child doesn’t make any sense – on the road happen unpredictable things, and the emotional attachment will serve a bad service. You do not “score” on your car, at the right moment he could fail, will break, and it will have to invest a lot of money than those that could be spend on its maintenance. The truth is somewhere in the middle.


The same applies to car cleaning. If you think visiting the expensive washes and the purchase of expensive modern means of cleaning will help you extend the life of your iron horse, you are wrong. Yes, they will give you a opportunity faster and is easier to bring order inside and out. The car’s interior after cleaning will smell like the roses at their country house, but how much money you spend on it? If you do not know the answer, a lot of from 5,000 rubles and above.

How simple, but effective clear car mats

Is there an alternative? Yes, it exists. For example, for removing stains in a fabric showroom. They can bring “old-fashioned” ways, cheap, but very good. For example, you need to clean car mats. Everyone knows that this detail of the interior gets dirty faster and pollution it is often possible to remove only a very corrosive chemical. It is possible to save the result you 100% happy.


To create your own interior cleaner you will need:

3 tbsp grated soap (household suitable at the time) 20 – 50 roubles

2 tablespoons borax (30 rubles per pack)

10 drops of lavender essential oil (optional for smell)

2 cups of boiling water

How simple, but effective clear car mats

Put all the ingredients in a plastic bowl and mix up until soap is dissolved and the mixture is frothy. Then take a stiff brush to scrub (it quite hard bristle brushed with a large area, scratching the delicate the surface is, but the dirt will be cleaned out with a Bang), dip it in the cleaner and begin cleaning from that part of the car that needs serious help. For example, the same mats.

How simple, but effective clear car mats

Clean the upholstery with a brush coated with solution, then wipe the treated area clean with a damp cloth. During the procedure, don’t forget to periodically rinse the brush in clean warm water, so as not to dilute the dirt. At serious pollution, better a couple of times to replace the pure water, which will quickly become dirty.

After mopping, allow the floor mats or fabric upholstery to dry in the sun. Ready!

How simple, but effective clear car mats

Look at the result. Do you think the meaning is for pennies on their own to rid the car from wallowing in mud?

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