How not to solve a traffic conflict [Video]

Video: One punch – one knockout

How not to solve a traffic conflict [Video]

Traffic conflicts never come to any good. For some reason, any driver behind the wheel of a car, with rare exception, capable of conflict “wind up” with sex trafficking. If this happens, expect bad consequences – to the fortuneteller do not go.

Here is a typical situation. Citizen cut in front of another of the same citizen on the road. First went in the course of verbal means to resolve conflict. Almost instantly a voice communication moved into the plane of communication using gestures (possibly improper), it took less than five seconds as the most aggressive of the two (was driving a black Peugeot), slows down, jumps out of his car and initiates a fight with his foot in the door “Lady” of the opponent. The fight did not last long, another blow of the same aggressive owner of the “female” car (maybe because of this he tries to show all his coolness?) and the guy from the Lada loses consciousness. A knockout.


Fortunately other members of the movement did not remain indifferent and not allowed to escape from the scene, remaining on his feet the driver of the Peugeot. We don’t know what the outcome of the resuscitation of the victim. If he moved from a deep swoon, it took him to call an ambulance and then what happened to the instigator of the fight. But we know one thing – these moments on the road is by all means to avoid, and not least those who possess the necessary physical training for unarmed combat. There were, not infrequently, when, after battering one of the two didn’t get up again never… Hit your head when falling, had bleeding in the brain, got some injuries and became disabled. Such consequences are to “defend their honor” in a stupid traffic conflict? Of course not!


So be sensible and do not do as this young man: