Honda accord drove a record 160 miles on an almost empty tank

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Honda accord drove a record 160 miles on an almost empty tank

It happens that to fill in time is not possible and you have to endure extreme miles to the gas station, hoping that the fuel will not leave the tank before the long-awaited construction on the side of the road. Do you know how much you can drive miles with an almost empty tank and the red flashing light on the fuel gauge indicating that we have to renew our supply of gasoline? 25 km? 50 km? More?

To be honest, it appears that each car will have its own residual fuel, calculated that or other car manufacturer for that particular model. And the champion machines, whose flashing light bulb of the gauge is possible to pass a record long distance is apparently an old Honda Accord.

As experimentally established in the popular British avoidany from the moment when it begins to show signs of life signal lamp consumption before the car is finally back may take almost 160 km!

Watch the video and you’ll see that the guys did not expect this turn of events.

It was assumed that petrol will go somewhere 80 km. But he just went on and never ended. That drove the guys to empty the tank almost exactly 160 km or 99 miles to a different system of measurement.

Maybe the sensor was faulty? Inflated values too? Please share your opinion in the comments.

P. S. In real life, we would not advise to drive on an empty tank, the explanation why you will find here:

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