Here’s what the car will drive James bond in “bond 25”

25 the series of James bond promises to be busy on new cars in the garage, 007

Here's what the car will drive James bond in

Fictional secret agent of British intelligence a year to celebrate its big anniversary. World premiere of the 25th film is scheduled for February 2020. The new film will be called, austere – “bond 25”.


Famous spy different a few famous weaknesses: the opposite sex, to booze: “shaken, not stirred”, to the strange types of weapons and vehicles.


Naturally, we would like to talk about cars. What car 007 will drive in the next part of the film? Are there any candidates on this account? Of course there are at least five. About the top five we would like to tell you about.


How it all began?

Back in the days when bond was a hero of books about the Agent 007 of the Ian Fleming man, even then he rode on absolutely no budget models Bentley (interestingly, all the super-spies of the Royal intelligence gave these cars?).


In the 1953 novel “Casino Royale”, bond drove a Bentley in 1931 equipped with 4,5-liter atmospheric engine. Nice! We respect the classics.


The modern audience bond more closely associated with another British automaker, Aston Martin, once in 1953, he published a book “Goldfinger”. According to readers, one lucky agent had to drive in a modern car, certainly of English manufacture. Over time, from patriotism in the choice is nothing left, and these days even more so, in the movie get only those machines whose manufacturers pay more money to advertise their most outstanding automotive achievements (at least we think so).


Behind the wheel of cars will sit on the Daniel Craig one last time (yeah, this is the last role of the actor agent, which is afraid of death itself)? Here is a list of hypothetical cars. All machines will be to the extreme luxurious and utterly cool. Here is the top five:


Bentley Continental GT

Here's what the car will drive James bond in

And so, the old-old Bentley was replaced by the current in the 50-ies of XX century, an Aston Martin DB3. 11 years later, the car was updated to version DB5 and rushed…


In the 25th iteration of the film about James bond is the main killer of Her Majesty will again ride on the modern Bentley Continental GT second generation. And the truth, is the most famous spy of all Great Britain cannot go back to their roots? It would be useful to remember the past.


BMW Z4 / Toyota Supra

Here's what the car will drive James bond in

Both of these options may seem unusual for a car of James bond, but also all the two are a perfect glance into the past.


Supra can be a nod to the Toyota 2000GT of 1967, relating us to the film “you only Live twice”, while the new BMW Z4, which, as everyone knows, is built on the same platform as the new Supra, may be a tribute to the Bavarian models, the Z3 and Z8 1990-ies.


It’s time to pay the bills, sir!


Aston Martin DB10 (concept cars)

Here's what the car will drive James bond in

Yes, we know that the Aston Martin DB10 was a bond car in the last movie, but why can’t he come back?


Of course it was strange to observe so-called “secret” agent travels to the multi-million dollar prototype, built almost in a single copy, but we know that bond always love to shock the villains.


Aston Martin Vantage

Here's what the car will drive James bond in

If bond will continue its cooperation with Aston Martin, Vantage can be another perfect solution.


The concept DB10 anticipated the appearance of the model Vantage, but unlike DB10, Vantage has effectively turned the idea embodied in metal in the real production model.


The 4.0-liter twin-turbo AMG V8 produces 503 horsepower, and with the dynamics of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 314 km/h, the Aston will be able to just ditch all the other cars, whatever they were.

I Jaguar-Pace

Here's what the car will drive James bond in

Jaguar Land Rover has long collaborated with the franchise, though on the sidelines, the main bond car with which it is always associated, was Aston Martin.


I-Pace can be an ideal vehicle for the quiet killer. And it is true, it is electric – so quiet enough to sneak up on, and it will show bond as a fighter not only enemies, but also for the preservation of the environment. Perfect!


What do you think, which car is most suitable for James in a new series of films?