Here’s how to use an excavator to clear the snow from the car: video

How to use excavator Volvo learned to clear the snow from cars in seconds

Here's how to use an excavator to clear the snow from the car: video

That’s what almost 5 years of watching workers at one of the sites implementing used cars, located in the state of new York. The cars drove up the shovel and cleans them from the snow. We used, of course, not the bucket, and the special equipment, working on the principle of a huge blower. Second, the other, and the snow does not remain also a trace. At the same paintwork and decorative elements of the car are not damaged:


Here as described the details to the video on YouTube

Working with your team in upstate new York, Paul Barber, in the winter often has to deal with lots of snow and now they are well equipped to solve problems related to the maintenance of thousands of cars clean. Though such a chic service is not available to ordinary people, the services are provided to one of the local auctions, selling cars.


In contrast to the tedious cleaning of snow and ice gouging, cover with every vehicle, company State Line found a much easier, efficient and much more interesting way of removing snow from vehicles: industrial turbines.


The company, of course, there’s no time to constantly sweep snow from more than 1000 cars (winters in new York can be quite snowy), weekly, passing through the auction site. Wanted a solution for quick cleaning of lots of snow and ice. The solution was found, you saw him in action in the video above. To the boom of an excavator Volvo Buffalo attached the turbine to blow away snow and ice from the car in just a few moments. Powerful stuff!


Maybe someday the utilities will really clean up the cars of ordinary citizens? No, hardly… But the dream is so nice.