Here’s how to simply add wireless charging to your car

How to equip the car wireless charging for smartphones.

Here's how to simply add wireless charging to your car

Your fancy phone can be charged wirelessly, and you enjoy, freed from the tyranny of wires and plugs around the house and in the office? But what about your car? You can get wireless charging in it? Here here just and a problem.


For a start, read the user manual of your car. If you bought a new car in the last couple of years, it may already include Qi-compatible wireless charger pad smartphone, which is usually mounted on the center console between the front seats. For example, wireless charging is available in many modern models of Toyota cars.

Also wireless charging is equipped with some model of Honda, Ford, Chrysler, GMC, Chevrolet, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo. If you only choose a car and you need a wireless charging phones, then better find a car equipped with this option.

Here's how to simply add wireless charging to your car

Despite this, the majority of cars on the road today do not have, unfortunately, wireless charging. But do not worry, do not worry. Today there are many manufacturers of car accessories, who are willing to fill this gap. Qi-compliant wireless chargers for cars are more expensive than for home and office. This is mainly due to the fact that for automotive wireless charging requires additional hardware. But despite this, the price tags on car wireless charging today is pretty low. Especially when you consider the number of proposals on a Chinese website Aliexpress. You will not believe, but today you can buy a wireless charger for my car cheaper 1000 roubles. Surprising, because a few years ago it was impossible. Here are examples of prices for Qi-charging for vehicles:


Here's how to simply add wireless charging to your car


When choosing the wireless car charging for your phone, pay attention not only on its capacity (power output), but also on the quality/reliability of fastening for a phone, which you understand must be at the highest level, if you don’t want your phone flying off charging for every little bump in the road. Typically, wireless charging for your car are powered by the cigarette lighter that provides sufficient charging power level.

Here's how to simply add wireless charging to your car

If you want to move to a more integrated solution, then rummage in the parts list for your car, study the owner to repair the car. After all, if your automaker provides for the supply of wireless charging for phones as an option, you can easily find the appropriate part (module) that can be installed into your car. Yes, in this case, you will either have to mount a wireless Qi-charging, or to seek help from professionals to a service center or directly to the dealer.

The diagram below shows the original wireless charging plate Honda that connects through the fuse block:


Here's how to simply add wireless charging to your car


Finally, if you like to design the radio equipment, soldering, etc., you can try to manufacture its own wireless charging. For Qi wireless charging requires only a few inexpensive thin induction coil and a small circuit Board that is easy to find and to buy online. Also you will need an electrical connection to a power output of 15 watts or less.

In addition, you can open the case of your home wireless charging and change it under the car by replacing the coil. Below we offer a video that demonstrates the installation of the hidden Qi wireless charging in center console Chevrolet Silverado.



If you want to make a hidden charge in your car, you have to find a place to install the module under the unsubtle non-metallic panel. Its thickness should be less than 3-4 millimeters (so energy from the induction coils will be easy to achieve receiving coils in your smartphone). Finding a place to build in wireless charging, connect it to the fuse box, let the power from the battery or from a hidden USB port designed for charging devices (and not to connect the gadget to listen to music). So you get in the car the regular wireless charging.


If your car is not a comfortable place for wireless charging, you can do some custom installation work, for example replacing any panel for a slimmer console.

Depending on your car model the process of installing a regular wireless charging can be very quick or take hours. But in any case, vehicle car wireless charging is much cheaper than to sell your old car and buy new ones with fashionable charging. Also built-in covert wireless charging for the phone looks more aesthetically pleasing than conventional external battery charger, which will certainly spoil the interior.