Here’s how to overcome fear of driving

How to get rid of fear of driving to novice drivers.

Here's how to overcome fear of driving 

While driving all of us there is a reasonable concern. Indeed, in the case of car collision the consequences can be fatal. That’s why on the road do not let everyone. Otherwise, the road would become a battlefield. So before you go on a public road, all drivers need to be trained in driving school and then pass theoretical and practical exams in the traffic police.

But, alas, many beginners, having the rights, afraid of the car. Some are afraid to even approach him. At such moments, many people think that nothing were trained on the rights and bought a car. Do not rush to make such conclusions. Believe me, after that fear passed hundreds of thousands of drivers. How to overcome fear of driving? Here’s what we you now and tell.


Of course, if you are afraid to sit behind the wheel, there is nothing good about it. Because your fear and therefore uncertainty, carries huge risks. The fact that in addition to knowledge of traffic Rules and ability to operate a vehicle the main key to road safety is confidence in your abilities of driving. If you have no confidence in their actions behind the wheel, then there is an irrational fear of driving.

Fear of driving is called variabie. And the worst thing is that if you have developed such a fear, then get rid of him will not be easy. But it is possible. If you want to regain the confidence while driving and get rid of fear of driving, we will tell you how to do it.


What is fear of driving?

Here's how to overcome fear of driving 

Like any fear or phobia, fear of driving requires mental exercise, in order to overcome it. It is not easy, unlike some other concerns. The fact is that unlike other fears fear of driving is difficult to avoid. To understand what fear is driving, we have to look at the causes. Unfortunately, some causes of variabie very difficult to understand. Yes, many of them easy to install. But there are such reasons, which can get very difficult.


Many people who are afraid of driving, acquired fear, for example, once was in an accident or witnessed a major accident. This form of fear appears in the background of post-traumatic stress disorder, due to the fact that people after the incident on the road shocked by the event. And to cope with the fear Oh how difficult. Because we are such creatures who always put myself in the place of others in certain situations. Here and seeing the accident, we often imagine ourselves in the place of the accident. So there is a panic phobia. If you become involved in an accident, then the fear of re-sit behind the wheel are also guaranteed.

Here's how to overcome fear of driving 

Sometimes the fear of driving is not associated with any of the seen events. Sometimes it is called specific phobia. This phobia is called irrational. It is a form of concern person, where the brain connects a certain object, experience or situation with feelings of panic and fear.


Also, sometimes a person can be even several phobias fear of driving, which in combination give rise to incredible fear. Some people result in a heightened sense of anxiety may even lead to a panic attack.

Panic attacks while driving can be very unpleasant, but also endanger the lives of all road users. After all, the panic the person loses some of the reality of the situation and stops to closely monitor the road. For example, if the wheel you began to panic, you may become so fearful that sharply jerks the wheel, sending the car to the curb, causing the car can be in a ditch.


There are other, less clear reasons for concern while driving. For example, these fears can be part of other phobias, not directly connected with the car. Thus, such external fears can be part of another type of anxiety disorder or even may be associated with problems with the human psyche. If fear of driving is a symptom of another disorder, treating the underlying disorder. Only cure major mental illness, you can overcome fear of third-party (e.g., associated with fear of driving).


Whatever the cause of your fear, combating it requires mental fortitude and patience. No special exercises for your brain you will not get rid of fear of driving and, most likely, will remain pedestrian.


Relaxation, to overcome fear of driving

Here's how to overcome fear of driving 

As with any anxiety disorder, overcoming fear of driving can have many different approaches. Each approach is different for each individual and, of course, depends on the intensity of fear. As we said, every person, while driving, had misgivings, and even some fear. Until a certain threshold of fear, this fear is quite normal, as ordinary and normal fears do not interfere with the driving of the vehicle. Owing to such fear or fear we’re driving as focused and attentive that only improves our security.


The fear of driving becomes a problem when it prevents you driving. Some people can be somewhat different form of fear of driving, known as amaxophobia. It is the fear of riding in the car, regardless of where the person is sitting: on the driver or passenger seat.

This fear makes driving almost impossible.

To cope with anxiety requires a different configuration of relaxation techniques. For example, if your fear of driving is relatively soft, it can be quite the right mood before you sit behind the wheel. Here are some examples of how to do it:


Meditation: is a form of relaxation, which is designed to work with the mind and body to create harmony. Some people find this method of spiritual practice. Others believe that it is just useful to combat everyday stress.


Breathing exercises: breathing is usually part of meditation. But without meditation long deep breaths can help you calm down, especially if you started very nervous while driving.


Create an environment free from stress: anyone who first afraid to leave the house to get behind the wheel, he knows how to overcome it. But in the end the majority of novice drivers, having overcome fear, leave the house and go to his car. Then, sitting behind the wheel, the main thing is to make the first steps. Further – more. But what is the secret to overcome some invisible barrier? As novice drivers manage to cope with his fear? It’s very simple. The key is attitude. That is before you get in the car, you should start to think correctly, adjusting itself only on the positive. No negativity and no wrap in head! Especially outside of the machine. Remember that at home you should rest and not think about the car.


Listen to relaxing music: no, we do not advise you while driving to listen to music that helps you sleep at night. We advise those who are very nervous behind the wheel, listening to soothing music that will help you to relax while driving.


Calm yourself: remember that we are very complicated creatures. But even the most persistent and balanced people can be failures. The fact that the nerves do not iron at all. Therefore, each of us must learn to relax. For example, you may regularly visit the Spa-salons, massage, or just before bedtime soothing to watch suitable films. Due to this relaxation, you will not only relieve accumulated stress, but also may get rid of the fear of driving.


Mantra: think of a phrase that give a positive attitude. You can also compose special mantras to calm driving. Some may think that such phrases are unlikely to help during movement. But believe me, many of these cliches really do work.


All these simple relaxation techniques are a great cope with the fear of driving, because they make you calmer. This means that you will be less nervous behind the wheel. For example, for many people just being in the right state of mind could be enough to overcome the fear of the car.


Not in a hurry to get back behind the wheel

Here's how to overcome fear of drivingHere's how to overcome fear of driving 

If you are not easy to overcome fears associated with driving, then perhaps you should not hurry to be back behind the wheel. It is not excluded that to overcome fear, it will take a lot of time before you start again without the fear of drive.

In addition to producing the above-mentioned methods of relaxation, you must learn to feel in the driver’s seat comfortably and safely. And it can really take a lot of time. Remember: the only consistent action will help you learn to feel behind the wheel safely.


Start with what you get behind the wheel of your car in a quiet place. If you can’t get from home to such a desolate place, where no other cars, ask your friend, relative, or friend to drive you to your car where you will train yourself.


Your task is to minimize any negative interactions with other drivers. Therefore, it does not fit the track driving schools.

So, arriving to a quiet place where there are other machines and people first, just get behind the wheel and sit for a while. Next, buckle up. Try to relax. Then start the engine. Use rear view mirrors. If you can’t relax, then you can prepare yourself through various methods of relaxation, which we wrote above. For example, take a few deep breaths. Or turn on quiet music. Then (not be surprised) turn off the engine.


Repeat this process several times. That is, give yourself time to sit in silence alone in the car and then start the engine and let him run for a while, turn it off. So you will gradually learn not to be afraid of the car. Remember: to get rid of panic, need a slow and gradual steps. So maybe you have every day to go to such a quiet, peaceful location and learn not to be afraid of the car.


Once you understand that it is not afraid to just sit in the car with the engine running, proceed to the next stage – start to move slow progress. It is desirable that all around you there were no obstacles and other cars.

For example, it may be an empty Parking lot near the shopping center early in the morning. Most likely, once you begin to ride, you will return confidence. If the fear does not go away, then stop the machine and start all over again. If the fear is still going, then it’s time to go home and repeat the exercise another time. Otherwise you will only aggravate your concerns.

This type of therapy is called exposure. Those who have a fear of driving is associated with a slight phobia can train yourself near the house. But do not hurry if you feel that you are no longer afraid of panic to move the car. Give yourself time before you find yourself on the road.

Remember that impact on your psyche by using the exposure may be long. So don’t run ahead of the engine. All the time. The main thing is a consistent approach.


Ride with someone else


If you are afraid to drive alone, it is possible to overcome your fear, you need to ride in the car with someone else, inviting someone to keep you company. You can also hire a instructor.

If you are afraid to get back behind the wheel after the accident, the process of overcoming fear in the presence of other people in the car can be very effective.


The people sitting next to you in the passenger seat can help you relax and keep calm while driving. But remember that it is inappropriate for this purpose, the person next to you can only exacerbate your fear. For example, if you are ashamed before any driver over his fear and inability to drive, of course, to get rid of variabie, for joint trips in the car a man will not work.

On a trip you have to take the person you know well, do not hesitate it or whom you love very much. Such people will only support you in certain stressful situations.

Here's how to overcome fear of driving 

As we have said, a good idea in order to get rid of fear of driving after obtaining the driving licence to hire a instructor. Yes, despite the fact that you have already received a driver’s license, you still have to take driving lessons. Because the only way you will boost your driving experience.

Of course, if you have a fear of driving, you have to carefully select the instructor. Of course, you shouldn’t impulsively hire a strict instructor that likes to yell at their students. So you only amplify your fear.

In General, your task is to take a trip by car people you can trust.


Seek professional advice

Here's how to overcome fear of driving 

If you are unable to cope with their fears of driving, you must understand the problem in more detail. It is possible that you will need a professional consultation of psychologist, using cognitive behavioral therapy, will save you from panic to get behind the wheel. This therapy involves the discussion of issues related to fears, and to develop strategies for overcoming those fears. This is a form of psychological assessment that involves the destruction and rejection of negative behaviours.


Unfortunately, sometimes one will be a little psychoanalysis. Sometimes, to get rid of the phobia fear of driving, may need a set of measures. In particular, you may have to resort to drugs.

Usually to remove anxiety used medication against anxiety such as beta-blockers. May have to resort to some light antidepressants.


It is possible that also have to apply and hypnotherapy, which many consider helpful in treating anxiety disorders. However, there are some posts that questioned the efficacy of this therapy.

That’s why sometimes you need to be sure to seek professional advice of a health care worker who specializiruetsya on human psychology.


But regardless of all the above methods to overcome fear of driving, you will inevitably have to recognize your fear, before you begin to fight him. Otherwise to get rid of fear will not work.

So never hesitate his fear of driving. Share your fears and feelings with people you trust. It is possible, therefore, you can not hide his fear, which, entrenched, can be a real phobia.

If you can’t handle your fears yourself, then be sure to seek help from professionals. In most cases they can easily solve your problem.