Here’s how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car

Learn about these ways to open the car, you say, “Why didn’t I know about this before?”.

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

Have you ever forgotten your car keys inside? It would seem, nonsense. But no. According to statistics, this problem often facing many car owners. And imagine that you forgot your keys in the car, and the alarm is automatically stood on guard by locking all doors and the trunk. At this point, many began to panic. But do not rush to call the master, specializing in the vehicle opening, a lot of money. First try to open the machine yourself. Sometimes you do not even need experience. No harm in trying.


Fortunately, there are many ways to open a locked car, in which were the keys. For example, did you know that a locked car door can be opened without a key by using a long cord, long wire, car antennas, and even using the wiper blades?

So, imagine you walked up to the car, which is armed with a key, opened the trunk to put something (or to take), and putting the key on time in the trunk, forgot about it, slamming the trunk. All the oil painting. The key was in the trunk, and your car is armed. Accordingly, all doors and the trunk is also locked.


Some tricks, which we’ll tell you may seem incredible, but nevertheless they definitely work. Although, of course, it all depends on the make and model of your car. New cars much harder to crack because they use more modern automatic Central locks and advanced security systems. Nevertheless, it is possible to open many modern cars.

You at least need to try to open the car yourself using our tips before you call the professionals who will quickly and easily do it for you. However, for this you will give on average 2500-4000 rubles.


Method # 1: use lace

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

To start, make a loop on the rope, which should be delayed, if you pull in different directions, the ends of the rope. Take the ends of the rope in each hand, and slide the lace through the corner of the door top using a back and forth motion to propel the rope to the inside lock button of the door lock.

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

Then throw a loop on the button and tightening it, pull the rope up to unlock the car door.


However, please note that such a hack will not help if your car key lock doors recessed into the door trim, because you will not be able to throw the noose on the button. Also, this method is not useful if the button door lock is from the inner side of the door (near door handle).


Method # 2: use a wedge and a long wire

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

In order to obtain partial access to the interior of the car locked, you can try to lift the upper part of the door. For this you can use a wooden/plastic wedge or use an air wedge (pneumocolon) and a long wire, which, when you push the door, you need to get the button lock door. If you are using a wooden wedge so as not to damage the door, put on his rubber glove for cleaning.


But it is better to do this using pneumonia, which is similar to the cuff from the apparatus for measuring blood pressure. Pneumocolon is a cushion with pear, with which the airbag expands under pressure. This air wedge refers to the professional locksmith the auto. In Russia, unfortunately, its cost is rather big. But, for example, on AliExpress this pneumocolon can be bought for 300 rubles. I advise you to buy a similar thing and store it at home. Trust me, this wedge will really give you access to the salon.

With regards to wire, you can pry the locking button, it is advisable to wrap it with electrical tape to avoid damaging the door and the inner panel. But ideally it is better to use plastic rod or plate.

The advantage of this method over the lace that this method can really help unlock a locked door even in those cars where the lock button of the door near the inside door handle.


Method # 3: use a strip of plastic

If your car is locked with the lock button not the side doors, you can instead use a rope to the plastic strip, which is to open the door a lot easier than the lace of the Shoe. To do this, take a piece of soft plastic and push the upper part of the door (with a wedge or pneumonia) of the machine, slide the plastic tape in the car. Next, try to catch the lock button of the door and pull it up.


Method # 4: use a hanger

One of the most common ways of opening without a key locked door in the car is to use the wire from which the hanger is made, which we give out when we pick up clothes from the dry cleaners. However, please note that this method only works on those vehicles where there is no Central locking, –mostly on older machines. The principle of opening the car using the hangers like this:


Take the hanger and with the pliers straighten it, making a long wire on one side which should be a hook that you must pass between the glass and rubber gasket.

Your task – to lower the wire to the locking mechanism of the door. Here, however, you need to guess the place, where the mechanism is inside the door. This is usually about 5 cm from the bottom frame of the door and near the interior door handle. To know exactly where is the mechanism to find in the Internet the diagram of the door lock and system lock. Keep in mind that the location of this mechanism differs depending on the brand and model of the car.


Turn the rack up until the hanging hook is turned inward, and seize the levers of the locking mechanism, which is not always easy to find. As soon as you feel that you have found a mechanism to pull up, and the car door opens.


Again, this trick with a hanger only works on certain blocking mechanisms, usually on older cars, so this likely will not work on cars newer models. For more new cars you can still use the rack, but you will need to insert it between the door and the rest of the machine (as in method No. 2) to unlock the door from the inside.


Method # 5: use the antenna

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

On cars older models with an external knob to a certain style, like in the screenshot above, you can open the door from the outside using only the antenna of your vehicle.


Just Unscrew the antenna, carefully place it through the inside of the door handles and drag until the until the lock is starting to wiggle. Once you see that lock button, doors will begin to swing from your movements of the antenna, pull it forward, and the door will open.


Method # 6: use the wiper

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

Is it possible to open a locked car door without a witchcraft over the locking mechanisms of the door, if, for example, glass in doors slightly ajar? It turns out that you can. But how? It’s simple. If your car is equipped with power management Windows, which are arranged as in the video, you can get the button window lifter driver’s door with the wiper blade. Here’s how to do it:



In principle, you can use almost anything that can reach the control unit for the power Windows of the vehicle. But if you are in a hurry and you have nothing to reach for the button window, it is best to use the wiper.


What to do if you are unable to open a locked car door?

Here's how to open car door without key: 6 simple ways to get into locked car 

You’ve tried all of the above methods? Or have you tried other life hacks to open the car door? Share with us in the comments below.

If none of these methods did not help you, you can always use the services of masters who are engaged in the vehicle opening. However, keep in mind that their services are expensive. Also note that you should have on hands the documents confirming that we reveal the car belongs to you legally. Otherwise the wizard will not open the car. But for a challenge you will still have to pay.


If you don’t want next time to be without key with a closed car, always keep a second set of keys at home.