Here’s how to cheat at the gas station

55 rubles per liter of fuel? A gas station is the most expensive gasoline in Russia?

Here's how to cheat at the gas station

Nedolya fuel at the gas station phenomenon, common enough in different parts of the world. Of course, is no exception and our country. It is very melanocephala a loophole through which the company sells fuel, can save on the purchase of gasoline and diesel fuel millions of rubles a month.


What a perfect “business” out of thin air. To determine that the service station has nadalini a few hundred grams of fuel unrealistic, and such errors do not contradict the requirements of GOST and other standards. Moreover, 1% nedolya fuel falls under the concept of error. Despite the modern equipment for filling stations, is calibrated, it is still not always accurate. What is 1% of 60 litres? 0.6 liter of fuel. With 80, 100 litres? Already impressive. However, if you fill a truck with 600 litres of diesel fuel, the overpayment will already be significant. Even 1% error, the trucker will not receive 6 liters of fuel.


And although the driver is not such a serious loss, for the gas station, through which even located on the back, drive hundreds of cars a day, it promises a great economy, and with it a large profit.


But as it turned out, flawed, incomplete filling almost all filling stations and some are not limited to a few percent, preferring to grab the maximum.


The Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) has conducted the operation for the purchase of fuel at various filling stations in the regions of Russia. The RAID was made in connection with the frequent complaints of car owners on about having paid for the fuel, most likely does not correspond to the fuel filled. That is poured less than it should.

Here's how to cheat at the gas station

As it turned out, for procurement in the “mystery shopper”, there was no GOST. HEADLIGHT independently developed the most accurate method of determining the incomplete filling of fuel at filling stations (the method has yet to be attested) on the basis of which it was possible to draw conclusions about violations.

“In the process of method development, fuel was collected in a specially equipped car, …, and then the method determines the actual number of purchased fuel. Selectively carried out the selection of fuel for quality control in the laboratory,” according to the website of the Federation.


Checking the underfilling of AI-92 and AI-95 was carried out on 34 stations in 13 regions of Russia.


Specialists HEADLIGHTS was checked:

5 is a Vertically integrated oil companies (VIOCs).

21 — Federal and regional networks.

8 – Miloslavich and private filling stations.


The audit produced the following results. If the difference between paid and actually received fuel was more than 1 %, it is considered an incomplete filling, albeit small. Violations by the number of the discharged fuel was identified by 76% of gas stations!


Underfilling among Russian major oil companies made up 20%, one fifth. This is a good result and then you’ll understand why. “Underfill 1,63% — level error” noted on the website of the Federation of car Owners.


Underfilling among Federal and large regional networks amounted to 81% (mean underfilling of 4.97%, a maximum of 19.03%). Not the massive “cheating” with the fuel, but almost 1/5 of foregone car ownership fuel – it is certainly the height of arrogance.


But melkozerova filling stations and private filling stations nedolivayut polls – 100%. However, if we pour in too little, less than in the second category (average underfilling of 5.66%, max 8.03%).

Here's how to cheat at the gas station

Apparently, appetites and fears for the payment of pelageyushka for fraud with fuel fines depend on the company and the share that it occupies in the market of a particular region of the country.


Underfilling the average for the sample was of 5.05%, which means that it is actually possible to add on to the price per liter, the stress in the HEADLIGHTS, giving eloquent examples:

Gas stations in Krasnodar Krai, implemented AI-95 at 44,70 rubles/liter, underfilling made up 19.03%, and in fact the consumer purchased the fuel at a price 55,21 rubles/liter.

Filling stations in the Moscow region, implement the AI-95 at 39,90 rubles/liter, underfill was 12.8%, in fact, the consumer purchased fuel at a price 44 rubles/liter. Moreover, laboratory testing of selected AI-95 showed that the fuel does not correspond to the CU TR: 122.9 sulfur, the proportion of benzene 2.71, proportion of oxygen 4.3, the proportion of methanol 4.95.


We have nothing to add on this. The numbers speak for themselves.