Here’s how a bottle of water left in the cabin could burn your car

Never leave a water bottle in the car

Here's how a bottle of water left in the cabin could burn your car

A month ago we talked about how satellite antenna in the trunk of the car melted the upholstery inside the car. Read this really interesting: the Satellite antenna is in the trunk of the car melted the interior


Even for a couple of weeks before the incident in Runet was reported that in Rostov-na-Donu melted (literally) Lexus: a place in the sun: Rostov-na-Donu melted Lexus


The culprit was a giant Sunny Bunny dropped a mirror surface of a window facing the shopping center…


In General, the meaning of this story is – do not think that the car can burn only because of a fuel leak or “Goat” is short circuit, it can still destroy the Sun. One of these cases occurred in the Stavropol region, where a fire inside of the car was initiated by lying inside a plastic bottle with water. At least this signature is now in the description of the video from YouTube on the channel “Jokes from Russia”: “if you Come home and look at my “Six” and she “toned”. She burned the whole to ashes from the inside out! And all because of the lying on the front seat of the bottle…”


Alas, as you can see, a happy ending did not work – it was not a gift (tinted glass all Windows). However, there was this arson. Just completely burnt out interior smoked glass from the inside. Whether in the car, more air access, would the author of the video “small horns Yes legs”. Although in his case there is nothing particularly enjoy. The old “Zhiguli”, in fact, was destroyed by fire. To repair them makes no sense. Find on the disassembly of a salon “Shahi” up to 2018 will be difficult.


And all this because of the bottle. Which, according to the owner, worked with a magnifying glass. The consequences can be seen here: