Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car

How do you know that it’s time to sell your old car.

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

Sooner or later for every motorist it’s a tough day when you have to make the decision to abandon his car. This is especially hard for those for whom the car has a high personal value. Unfortunately time to sell my car can not do everything, which ultimately leads to disappointment and, of course, to loss of money. But how to determine that indeed the time has come to put my beloved car for sale? Here are some tips.


In this material we decided to resort to the study of the opinions of car enthusiasts who often love to share their experience of owning a car on various forums. In the end, we have selected for you the best stories of car owners who share their concerns over the sale of the old machine. Of course, each of us to decide – whether came it is time to get rid of the old car, but we suggest you listen to real life stories we found on the Internet.

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

Yes, we are all guided by their personal considerations about the sale of an old car. Someone decides to sell the old car after another major renovation, which cost a round sum, which was above the planned expenditure. Someone is selling an old car due to change of priorities in life. In General, we each have our own reason to take such a step. But despite this, many of us in the basis of the solution to get rid of old cars sometimes is the same reason.


Why we publish the stories of the owners about the experience of owning a car? The thing is that when you can emotionally feel the history of motorists to make a choice, you will become a lot easier. I hope that many of you all these stories help to make the right and timely decision to sell the old cars.


1) No need to worry about the loss of value of your car

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

Concern about the cost of a car can lead you in the wrong way. If you like your car and want to keep it, then you need to think about what the advantages of changing your car for something more fresh or new.

If you become worried about failure, then, of course, when you started to think about its replacement by something more fresh, you never let on replacing it with another old car with similar problems.

In this case, you are going to pay more than the cost of your old car. Most likely, you’ll want to buy a new car.

But you should know this formula:



So if you like your old car, plan your maintenance costs. Use the analog parts, many of which are not inferior in quality to the original. Find auto repair with reasonable prices.

In this case, you will not know what is a large loss of value of the car, great insurance, expensive maintenance at the dealer (at the time the factory warranty of the car) and a large overpayment on the loan.


Including you won’t fuss over the lacquer coating of the body, suffering from each chip. The old machine can be treated more safely. But when then to sell the old car? Sooner or later the time will come. Yes, of course. When you sell the car when the body starts to rot. Everything else in the car can be replaced.


2) to Refuse the car you need when you don’t love him anymore

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

This can be caused by many reasons. For example, you no longer love your car, because the last damage cost you big money. Or is he permanently stuck in the winter due unpeeled roads. Maybe you looked at it one day and thought, “I can buy a better car”.

I love my Toyota Tundra 2003 release. I will ride it and love it while it is in fact not going to die. I’ve been putting up with constant problems with the headlights and brake lights. I put up with the terrible arom oil (going to change oil and maybe oil ring in the engine).


I put in money and their own time. But I like it.

This year I replaced the tie rods, ball joints, brake pads and brake discs. Until the end of the year I plan to replace the rear shocks and front struts.

Can I buy another SUV that guzzles less fuel and requires less maintenance? Of course. But I like my SUV. But when I don’t like, then I’ll get rid of him.


3) Before you decide to sell your car and buy new, count your expenses

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

Almost always cheaper to fix a fault in the car than sell it and buy another. Of course, breakdowns are different. But if, for example, the cost of repairing your car is 100 thousand rubles, and for the acquisition of a fresh car you need to pay 500 thousand rubles, in most cases, to get rid of an old car is impractical. Unless, of course, it is completely rotted.

But in some cases you need to sell your old car:


1) the car is in poor condition


2) you hate your car, and it’s slowly killing your soul


3) you fell in love with another car


That’s all it is really the only reason for selling my old car. If you are happy with the car and not dream about something else, until the car is structurally safe, repair it and use it for your pleasure.


4) Determine which category includes your car, and make a decision

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

The answer depends on several factors, all of which must be considered and weighed in accordance with the importance and value to you of your car.


Sentimental value:

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car
Sometimes a vehicle is more than just a “vehicle”. Maybe it was your first car, maybe it was given to you by your parents or brother/sister or someone that’s not around any more. Of course, you assess the cost of such vehicles is higher than you can give him on the secondary market. If you are willing to part with expensive for you for some reason are a car, then it’s time. No – then you have to own an older car and endure all her senile vagaries.


Technical skills:

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

The ability to independently perform maintenance and repair of the car may, indeed, play a role in reducing the ongoing maintenance costs of the machine. The more you know about your car repair, the more money you can save on its possession.

But when it comes to breakdowns, it is not always your knowledge and skills can help you save on repairs. After all, your car may need a ton of expensive parts. It is logical that in this case it will be advisable to sell the old car and buy something fresher that would not be so often fail.


Operating costs and market value:

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

If your operating expenses become too large, and the market value of the car has not dropped below the floor, then you really should sell the car and invest the money that you spend annually, more relevant to you car. For example, if you annually spend on fuel a lot of money, feeding their SUV with a V8 engine and 4-speed automatic transmission, it is likely that refueling at the gas station a long time smile to you in the trail, twisting at a temple. Yes, 20 years ago, the fuel consumption of your SUV was considered normal.

But today with the crazy fuel prices you may find that buying a more economical modern car, you can save almost half the money I spend annually on gas station. For some motorists the money might be just enough to add to your purchase a more recent a modern car.


Age and availability of parts

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

With aging vehicles, the availability decreases with time. This is a particularly difficult problem with a more modern car than, for example, with the classics of the 1980-ies. More modern vehicles have become more difficult due to the higher level of technology. In the end, more modern cars often fail and require complex expensive components. But, alas, today manufacturers are producing auto parts for more than a short period of time. Find spare parts for some not even very old cars can be very hard.


One way to avoid the problem with parts is to buy a reliable, sturdy car. Unfortunately, to guess a reliable car is not so easy. Each year, the rating of reliability of cars is changing beyond recognition.

Nevertheless, if you manage to buy a reliable car, you not only significantly reduce maintenance costs, but will not overpay for rare, unavailable spare parts. For example, we all know that many Toyota cars are able to serve faithfully for decades. Moreover, in contrast to other brands even modern Toyota’s are quite reliable and high quality, can not be said about the Mercedes cars, which even at the age of 5 have the problem previously inherent only 20-year-old machines.


5) Remove emotion from the equation “sell not to sell?”

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

Know, that prevents us the time to sell your old car? It is our attitude to the car, to which we are accustomed, and rooted in the soul. But in order not to make mistakes, each of us just needs to remove the emotion and accept the cold-blooded decision, considering all the pros and cons.

If you do not, then either will never get rid of his car, started to extort money from you for repairs, or sell the car when it will lose even more market price.


For example, what do I do to make the decision about selling the old car? I ask myself, if I still have the patience and time to deal with repairing the car and are constantly looking for parts at the auto shops? Also I look at how much monthly and yearly spend the money for the car. Then I compare the costs with the if, adding the money and selling old car, buy a more recent one.


Recently I had an old SUV that needed repair 150 000. I decided to sell it because the cost of repair was not comparable with the market value of the SUV, which was 300 000 rubles. In the end, I decided to sell it and the money previously cooked on the repair, useful for buying a car in better condition.


6) to understand whether it is time to get rid of the car, determine its market value

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car

Another way to understand exactly what it came time to sell the old car, is to assess its market value. If, for example, it turns out that the value of your car lower by 30-40% than the average price of similar models, then most likely it’s time to sell your car.

Why? Did you know that the pricing on the secondary market affects not only the mileage and year of the car, but the balance of supply and demand?

One of the main things that affect the cost of the car on the used car market, is the technical condition of the car. And what is worse, the lower the cost of the vehicle. In the end, if your machine with approximately the same average mileage as a similar car in the ads, estimated at 30-40% below market, which means that its technical condition leaves much to be desired. And if so, then it will be better to sell it than to put in order.


7) is Almost always cheaper to repair a car than to buy new

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

Very often the owners of old cars, in the face of failure, panic and emotion go into debt buying a new car. But that’s silly. Especially if the cost of repair is significantly lower than the cost of a new car.

Agree, it’s silly to buy a new car for 1 million rubles, faced with the breakdown of 50 000 in an old car.


So, that’s when you need to buy a new car:


  • 1. When you really want it. Let’s be honest – most of the time we’re just trying to implement what I think, isn’t it?
  • 2. When car repair is beyond reasonable, you should replace the car.
  • 3. When the car starts to deliver more of a hassle (time costs, financial costs, or when you start to constantly fear that the car here-here something will break again) and you are ready to get rid of them, paying for a fresh car more money (i.e. when the machine breaks down frequently and you are willing to “pay more” to have a more reliable car).


8) Inevitable instances when you need to sell the car

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

I’m usually full of sarcasm and not just their friends argued that the old cars to own cheaper than new. But, alas, this scenario doesn’t always fulfill. Here is a list of examples when it is better to sell the old car:


  • 1. You have not found a permanent mechanic that you could trust as his friend
  • 2. The auto parts store you constantly say, “Oh, it’s you again?”
  • 3. You are in the last year have spent for repairs more than you would if you rented a car or leased a new car (loss of value)
  • 4. You pray, standing face to the East, or conjure, holding the rabbit leg, every time you are about to start the car
  • 5. Are you afraid to go too far from your accommodation because of possible damage of the car
  • 6. If your car someone wants to buy at the price of more expensive market. Do not miss this opportunity. This is equivalent to winning the lottery


9) Own a car until I digest the entire body

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

If your car has already lost almost the entire cost, then there is no reason to sell it until it is completely rotten. So keep to own a car, patching and welding it until there’s nothing left of any original body panels.

My old Subaru Outback has holes in the bodywork from time to time I brew. The car eats oil and has a leak any fluids that I can’t identify. However, I don’t want to abandon their car and are not going to buy new (although there is such a possibility). The time has not come yet.


10) Sell a car with a high mileage

Here is how to know when you have to abandon your car 

We all know that the mileage of the car determines its technical condition. It is logical that the higher the mileage, the less supply of the resource remains in the car. In the end, I advise you to sell the car when reaching high mileage. Because cars with high mileage may begin to crumble before our eyes.

Remember that all components have a lifespan, having been planned in advance by the vehicle manufacturer. Alas, in more modern cars the service life of all components was significantly lower than in older cars, many of which could pass 500 000 km Today, for many modern cars the mileage 250 000 km already huge.