Here is how it works rotary engine Wankel: all shown in the 3D model

Stunning 3D model of the rotary engine, Mazda will show you how everything works

Here is how it works rotary engine Wankel: all shown in the 3D model

Rotary engine Mazda is one of those things you easily forgive for not understand how it works, so very different motor Wankel for its original version of the work from the traditional piston engine of working on the principle of reciprocating motion. If you still don’t understand how something works in the rotary-piston engine, invented in Germany more than 60 years ago, do not despair, the video from the YouTube channel “Engineering Explained”, dot the “i”:

Video taken from YouTube channel “Engineering Explained”*


*If you don’t know English, also not a problem, you can always activate the subtitles by going to the video settings to enable translation on Russian language.


To demonstrate the principle of operation of the motor in the frame appears well made 3D model of rotary engine Mazda 13B. In her example shows all nuances of work of the power unit. The unique way of working, through which the rotary engine converts gasoline into energy.


One of the most interesting aspects of the design of the rotary engine is how he manages to do all the things that can make a four-stroke piston engine, but in a much more compact size and with a significantly reduced number of moving parts.


Yes, for those who did not know the rotary engine is a four-stroke engine with exactly the same principle of workflow as a conventional motor under the hood of your car. It uses the same process of intake, compression, ignition and release, which uses a piston engine, but instead, events that occur in the same place (the cylinder) at different times, it all happens in four different places at the same time. That is the whole point of working, built dramatically on the contrary, the working process is exactly the same.


The rotary engine has no intake or exhaust valves like a two-stroke piston engine, it also need to inject oil with the gasoline to lubricate and seal the rotor relative to the rotor case, just as in the cylinder two-stroke engine the fuel and oil enter at the same time. As a two-stroke engine in which each cycle of the engine is a working stroke, each turn of the rotor is accompanied by the initiation of the ignition, so it can produce an incredible amount of power despite its compact size.


Unfortunately, because of the need to burn oil because of the high fuel consumption, Mazda stopped production of the rotary engine. But even that does not beg all the virtues and incredible engineering solutions related to the operation of the engine, one of the most unusual types of motors included in the series.


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