Here is a map with the passwords to the Wi-Fi in airports worldwide

Free passwords to Wi-Fi at airports around the world.

Here is a map with the passwords to the Wi-Fi in airports worldwide

One of the few drawbacks of air travel is the loss of time waiting for the flight. Usually on average each passenger spends before the flight at the airport several hours before getting on the plane. Each of us than just not doing in the airport waiting to land. Someone plays cards, someone exploring the attractions of the airport. But it gets boring very quickly.

Someone to the time flew faster, climbs in the Internet, traveling through social networks or watching a TV show. The only problem is that most airports limit the time your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, and some even provide paid access to the Internet.


Blogger Anil Polat, a software engineer, is also an avid traveler. And he knows how to combat boredom at international airports. So, after extensive research, he created a map of the world with the Wi-Fi passwords from hundreds of airports around the world.

Anil Polat, by the way, leads to the Network blog, which tells its readers how to travel smarter. This card definitely makes our journey through the world more interesting and productive. Below you can find an online map with markers from programmer, through which you can learn the secret passwords to the Wi-Fi in major international airports.

Clicking on the label, you will receive a free name of the access point, username and password to protected Wi-Fi network.


By the way, you can also contribute to this map. For this you can send the blogger a new access point, and it will put it on the map. If you want to add a new access point in any airport, please write to Anil, go to this link:




So, here are directly updated online map to free points of access Wi-Fi at international airports:

This map is now available in app form! WiFox is available in the App Store and Google Play .

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