Here are some strange facts about airbags

The most interesting information about arbeca in cars.

Here are some strange facts about airbags  

What do you know about airbags that have saved millions of lives? First appeared in car arbaki changed the safety car for the better. Today without airbags to imagine a modern car. We have collected for you the most interesting facts about these amazing and important safety systems in the car.


1) the First accident involving a car in which was installed airbagshave occurred in the United States. In the accident were two Chrysler Lebaron equipped with barbecue. Both drivers survived.


2) the First car, which was first proposed two airbags as standard, has become the Porsche 944 Turbo in 1987.


3) the First car to offer a passenger airbag was Mercury Monterey.


4) General Motors experimented with airbags in the 1970-ies. In those years GM pillows were very hard, as repeatedly reported by the insurance Institute for highway safety, telling the manufacturer to improve elasticity Arbekov. However, when these airbags were the most durable.


5) Ford and GM in the 1970-ies did not sell vehicles with additional airbags. In 1977, GM stopped installing them on cars. As reported in the New York Times, GM and Ford then unsuccessfully lobbied the government against the appearance of the vehicles airbags for many years. The argument was that the airbag is imperfect, dangerous and inappropriate.

It was a lie, as we all know now.


6) GM in the long history of development, airbags have been a party to the scandalsrelated to the safety of these products for the protection of members of the movement. So, in the company’s history was the scandals over defective Arbekov, which could falsely trigger. Also, GM was the first who proposed this pillow:



7) Citroen C4 first generation has this neat steering wheel, in which the only thing moving on it is rim, but the center of the bar in the middle stays in place. With this design helm of this allowed the French to use in the wheel of the pillow, is best shaped for the human body. Thus, the company Citroen in 2004 released the world’s first car with a pillow of the correct form.

Here are the airbags of this car:

Here are some strange facts about airbags

You can see that the side driver airbag is similar to an inverted egg.


8) the First American patent issued for automobile airbagswere was John W. Metricom in 1952. You can still see the original patent here. Then it took about 20 years to this invention was actually in the car.


9) Want to know why arbaki unfold so quickly and with great force? The fact is that if the airbags a little bit late when triggered, this is very bad. Here’s a video about it:



See what happens later the airbag? Here is another video that is more dramatic:



10) But airbags do deploy very quickly, and not without reason. Here is footage of the real crash:


As you can see, the driver and passengers in shock from the blow. But all alive and unharmed. For example, the front passenger from injury saved the side airbag that went off almost instantly.


Of course, it’s not all the facts about airbags. We would like you to share with us in the comments your favorite facts about the pillows.