Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

Top 15 most interesting facts about Lada Priora

Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

Sedan Lada Priora became not just a blockbuster, but just folk, left the Assembly line of AVTOVAZ. The production cycle of the budget sedan AVTOVAZ came to an end. We have a lot of years will see these cars on the road, but the new with the time will not see never.


Photo from the last collected Priora spread through the Internet on 6 August. Red and black balls, a commemorative plate affixed on the hood with the inscription “July 18, 2018”. Clear when was released the last instance.


Well, actually, the popular model has come to an end. Recent years, the popularity of the sedan was gradually but steadily falling. It’s for the best, because ahead of us is much more modern, comfortable, beautiful and reliable cars from the Volga.


But what did the prior people? And what you should know about this popular sedan everyone? Let’s look at some facts from the biography of Lada Priora.


Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

1. Production of the model began in March 2007. The first batch of 1000 copies sold at the point of sale in April 2007. Buyers new clothes came to mind, especially considering its low cost. Rumor has it, the whole batch was sold out in just one day.


2. The basic version of the Priora, according to the page preserved in the Web archive from 2007, worth 240,000 rubles. More decent options would cost between 300 thousand and above. Recall now the basic version of the Priora is 424 thousand rubles, the maximum grade of the order of 523 thousand rubles.


Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

The car looked beautiful at the expense of new headlights, hood, grille, and other attachments on the body, including the tail lights.


3. In fact, the Lada Priora is restyling “ten” VAZ-2110. However the modernization has been so profound, that not all motorists perceived a Priori as the face-lifted model, considering it as a separate version. In fact, they were right.


4. We also know how to conduct a serious restyling! During development Priora on the basis of the body 2110 was made almost 1 thousand changes in design and new items, in addition to the above bumpers and headlights were installed – 2.000! Many of the details for the Priory was designed using computer-aided design, new technology that, although used since the late 1980-ies, but the mass was not used.


Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

Prototype Priora 2003 Lada 2170

5. The Italians designed the interior for the Priory. Recently we wrote about the fact that the Lada Samara was developed with the participation of the company Porsche: 5 cars that were made with Porsche. It turns out that the interior was created by designers of the Italian Studio Carcerano, clients, in addition to AVTOVAZ were: Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Daimler Chrysler Auto, Fiat, Hyundai, Iveco, Lamborghini and many other companies. Don’t believe? Go to portfolio on the official website of the company: Carcerano


6. There were four body. The sedan was not the only one, but the most popular and long-playing version.

February 2008, started production of the hatchback with five doors

May 2009 started to produce universal

Was the coupe. The most expensive youth version with three doors. Yes, actually it was a three-door hatch.

The fifth version of the body – the convertible was not destined to appear in the mass selling.


And here’s another rare bird, the Lada Priora Premier, in addition to shows 2008, the year went even further, it was released commercially, and even bought. The model released by the company “Super-Auto” can be easily distinguished by the elongated Board. It was a real limousine and a really decent version of the car.

Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

7. The model was produced for 11 years. Produced more than 1 million units! In this case, the peak of popularity came in 2009 and 2012. Deservedly the model was in the top of the sales rankings.


8. Sports were also. Priora raced in touring car championship WTCC. For circuit racing have developed a special version built on the base prior. In creating the racing car took part of the court sports team “Lada Sport”.


Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

Alas, under the hood of a car not adorned with VAZ motor, there was a 2.0-liter engine, 275 HP from Opel C20XE. CAT was also foreign: Hewland. Other parts with the world on a string: from BMW, ZF, AP Raing etc. the Prizes were few, but at the end of the sports car of priors not trailed.


Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts


Was civil and sports version with 125-HP 1.6-liter engine capacity of 125 HP Kit, five-speed manual transmission and disc brakes-wheel drive. The Baptist sports Lada Vesta.


9. In December 2015, ended production of hatchbacks and station wagons, vehicles with 1.6-liter engine with 98 horsepower (only version with 87 and 106 HP), as well as machines with robotic gearbox (done some). April 21, 2017, rolled off the millionth Priora.


10. 22 may 2018 announced that LADA Priora will be taken out of production in July 2018.


11. Lade Priore on Wikipedia dedicated page, the volume slightly inferior article about new York city.


12. Priora became the first car of AVTOVAZ, to the safety of passengers in which a manufacturer was really serious. There was a driver’s airbag (already in the basic version) and some pillows to trim a higher level, including additional side herbage that appeared on later models. Straps got the retractors and structure have been reinforced strength elements.


The car had an antilock braking system, and so pleasant “little things” like sensors automatic lighting and wipers. The development of technology did not end there. Later, in the car there was an electronic gas pedal.

Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts

13. Lada sedan – eggplant! It’s about the love of the North Caucasus to the Priori. Yes, in Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan Priori was every tenth or fifth car. Clip Timati’s song “Eggplant (Lada Sedan)” has been watched on YouTube more than 161 million times.


14. The timing belt can go up to 200 fuel assemblies. km, did You hear that? So you just didn’t go driving priors.


15. By Priore in the summer of 2018 went even Kim Jong-UN. The same North Korean leader with a fashionable hairstyle.

Goodbye Lada Priora: Interesting facts