Get acquainted with the new Mitsubishi ASX crossover

The previous generation Mitsubishi ASX left
an extraordinary memory of himself.

Affordable and attractive, the car had a
average driving performance and greatly inferior to the European
competitors. Did Japanese engineers and marketers to learn from
that lesson, and how did it affect ASX’s new generation?

The main provisions of the ASX
II. The first strong card to play in the
side of the crossover is fully Japanese assembled. No
localization in the branches of the company is not, and therefore, multi-stage
Japanese control can not affect the quality.

Get acquainted with the new Mitsubishi ASX crossover

The car visually seems larger. Contribute to this massive
bumpers, of which the front element performs two new

  • ASX helps the models to stand in the General corporate line
    of the company;
  • is the carrier of the optical block except headlight head

Is typical, but the big bumpers are allowed to leave a small
front and rear overhangs. Do not forget that Mitsubishi ASX
crossover, and out on easy roads it relies on

Get acquainted with the new Mitsubishi ASX crossover

The machine is not saved on the level of equipment and quality of finishing
materials. Basic will only offer a few options
without which you can do:

Get acquainted with the new Mitsubishi ASX crossover

  • cruise control;
  • electric drives of seats.
  • the multimedia system;
  • push-button engine start.

But airbags as many as 7 and they are located “in

The balance of the powertrain and off-road
The power unit provided by the tandem
gasoline engine 2.0 l with return 150 HP and CVT. This
no alternative is easy to explain if to make short
a test check. The motor in any mode will give as much
torque as you need for a confident assertive

Get acquainted with the new Mitsubishi ASX crossover

The modes of transmission traditionally, the switch between

  • 2WD;
  • 4WD in automatic mode;
  • 4WD lock.

Off-road capabilities seem to ASX potentially increased

  • off-road ground clearance 215 mm;
  • short overhangs, suggesting increased angles of approach and
    of the Congress;
  • the absence of protruding units underneath.

A little confused by some korotkobazny suspension, but this
easy kompensiruet “smart” AWD system – hanging
one wheel allows you to move the car.

Another weakness of the steel brakes that are different
sensitivity. At the same time the service brake pedal
quite informative.

Weaknesses. According to tradition, a compact crossover
can’t please the excess space for rear passengers.
The backrest of the rear sofa can not seem optimal.

Luggage compartment, with a volume of 384 litres, will not allow you to carry the ballast
only the required load.

Instead of a conclusion. The price of the car seems
reasonable, taking into account the initial numbers at just over 24 thousand
dollars. About the same as many costs
Volkswagen Tiguan in the base set. Advantage
Mitsubichi ASX is a small difference in the level of equipment
basic and premium version.

Overall, the new Mitsubishi ASX looks a complete car
well equipped. And in the flow of the silhouette of the crossover is one of the
the most notable ones.