From how you hold the wheel, will determine whether you are injured or not in the accident

That’s why you need to hold the wheel at 9-3 position.

From how you hold the wheel, will determine whether you are injured or not in the accident  

Do you think that people feel that to re-learn to drive a car after 10-year hiatus? It turns out that those who for a long time did not sit down behind the wheel, don’t know how I changed cars. Yes, modern cars have become more comfortable, the wheel is easier, brakes better, plus a bunch of assistants. Especially the rear view camera, which, on the one hand, simplified the process of Parking, but, on the other hand, allenina drivers.

Many motorists now can’t Park without a camera. In times! But the worst thing that, sitting behind the wheel of a modern car, you understand that to hold the steering wheel in the position of “10 and 2” is more uncomfortable. Moreover, you risk in case of an accident seriously hurt your hands if you keep them in this position, accustomed to all the drivers who studied in schools for more than 15 years ago.


The fact that the ergonomics of the steering wheel in a modern car now, more suited to the position of the hands “9 and 3”. All automakers are designing the steering wheel, now adhere to this value.

So the position of the hands “10 and 2” now is not very convenient. Your hands in this position in modern cars will tire quickly.

But it’s not so bad. Thus, according to NBC News, studies revealed that if you keep your hands on steering wheel in modern car in the position of “10 and 2”, you run the risk of serious injury in an accident. The fact that the driver’s airbag, which today are installed in all vehicles, designed to protect your head and chest in the accident. But if your hands are too high on the steering wheel, the airbag, when triggered, can hit you right in the face, which will inevitably lead to injury.


Also a chemical reaction that occurs when triggered, the airbag can injure the driver’s hands, if they will be too high. Terrible, but sometimes such influence the chemistry of airbags led to the amputation of the hands.


So train yourself (or retrain, if you are a representative of old school of driving) to the position of the hands at “9 and 3”. As reported by NBC News, this position is more ergonomic, allowing the driver better control the vehicle.