From cubes of “Lego Technic” built a working Bugatti Chiron: Video

A copy of the Bugatti Chiron from the designer “LEGO”: It goes!

From cubes of

Impressive “growth model” was built out of blocks set “Lego Technic” is a unique copy of the Bugatti Chiron, which is the place in the Museum of LEGO. The car was beautiful from the front, back and sides from a distance you hardly distinguishable from the original. The only problem was speed, speed Chiron from Lego a little bit not to get to the original version.

If you believe that cars assembled out of Legos can’t be more than a few tens of centimeters you are mistaken. The proof can be lead from the Formula 1 is completely built with simple LEGO pieces: See how to build a Formula 1 car from Ferrari of Lego: Video

From cubes of


If you think that these full size cars will never be able to go, you are also lost, the opposite will prove fully functional Bugatti Chiron, which is assembled out of Legos. He is able to move on their own! But most interesting is that it is driven using the engine made from the same designer.


The model was presented on the stage of the Grand Prix Formula 1 in Monza, Italy. The car is made of more than one million Lego Technic elements, up to the engine block: motor assembled on the basis of more than 2,300 engines in Lego, using over 4,000 small gears from toys included with Lego Technic. Conventional powertrain and transmission help to develop the model of a respectable 5.2 HP and a small but impressive (given the context) the maximum speed is over 12 mph (20 km / h). That its an amazing achievement!


A little General technical data: the Car weighs over 1.5 tons. Its construction took more than 13.000 working hours, many of which were in engineering. Behind the wheel during the record run on the “Megamobile” visited real racer Andy Wallace – winner of the iconic races such as the “24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona”. By the way, he was a real pilot brought Chiron to the present results that made up this car.