Forget about squeezing the clutch when riding on the mechanics of coasting

When you do not need to turn off the traction on a car with manual transmission?

Forget about squeezing the clutch when riding on the mechanics of coasting

The drive at idle with the clutch squeezed causes the excessive fuel (more about this phenomenon you can read here: What is more economical to go downhill in neutral or use engine braking?) and the most dangerous – reduces control of the vehicle. If you drive a car with a manual transmission, make it a habit to use engine brake as do professional drivers and race car drivers. That is, before a stop or when you reset the gas, moving down from a hill without depressing the clutch pedal, do NOT remove the box from the transmission, and just move without adding gas.


Engine braking occurs when the driver takes his foot off of the accelerator pedal. The throttle valve closes, a vacuum is created and the engine starts braking the car.


It is important to remember and here is why:

Forget about squeezing the clutch when riding on the mechanics of coasting

When on the road there is a danger and we need to accelerate, then the application of the technique of engine braking, the driver need only press the gas pedal, under the condition that the vehicle speed dropped too low and the engine will pull the car with reasonable acceleration. However, even this will not be an obstacle if you learn a more advanced method for active engine braking with sequential shifting on the step below: 5-4-3-2 transmission. Thus saving precious seconds, and at speeds they can solve a lot.


In addition, if the wheels are spinning by themselves, not coupled with the engine during cornering on a wet or slippery surface, including loose ground, the car can easily get into a skid.


Finally, another plus. When we use braking by the engine, less wear of the brake mechanisms.


The vehicle’s grip should be used in the following situations:


When the starting off

During the gear shift (logical)

When you stop to avoid stalling the engine (mistake of beginners who forget to squeeze the clutch at low speed and fade away)

During emergency braking (when shifting to lower in parallel operation with the brake pedal)


In all other situations, the left foot should be on the floor. It is also worth remembering that driving in neutral or in gear with depressed clutch pedal also leads to premature wear and emergency situations.

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