For many residents of Russia can accumulate on the Lada Vesta?

That’s how much the average citizen can save up for a used or new Lada Vesta.

For many residents of Russia can accumulate on the Lada Vesta?

Each country has its own heroes on the local car market. For example, in the United States the most popular are large and voracious SUV – pickups, which already for several decades are the sales leaders. In Europe, on the contrary, the most popular subcompact and a diesel compact crossovers. In our country the most popular on the market steel domestic cars – mostly sedans and hatchbacks with small engines.


I especially want to mention the success of the new model of AVTOVAZ – Lada Vesta, which beats all possible records of sales, which was a complete surprise even for auto experts from around the world. I must admit that with this model were considered to be even eternally dissatisfied autocratic Germany. Especially after the German motorists relished our autonomica.


In the end, in Russia this car was built really line. People are even willing to pay to be able to become the owner of trendy Vesta. The same goes for used cars. According to popular message boards Lada Vesta occupies the first place among the fastest selling cars in the secondary market.


But what determines the popularity of a particular model on the market? Why in our country Lada Vesta has become more popular Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris (at the end of July 2018 Lada Vesta in the number of new car sales took first place, ahead of the model Kia Rio – read more here)?


For many residents of Russia can accumulate on the Lada Vesta?

The preference of Russians in the market of course are based largely on the affordability of a car, the cost of its maintenance, cost efficiency and the ratio quality/price. Appearance also plays a role, but it is for Russian motorists are not as important parameter.


Importantly, for the majority of Russians when choosing a car is of course its cost. The most popular segment in our country is a cars worth at least 1 million rubles.


That is why for a long time at the top of our market was the Korean model Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris. Now, apparently, Lada Vesta decided to show who’s boss.


For many residents of Russia can accumulate on the Lada Vesta?

The greatest demand in this segment of course is observed due to the fact that the income of the population in our country are not as big as in USA or Europe. Also the cost of fuel at filling stations in recent years was to scare at least half of the country. Course can be in the soul of people and want to own and more expensive cars, but in the end acquire what is missing.


We decided to do some research, find out: how much on average each of the average Russian could save on new or used Lada Vesta? To do this, we decided to take a fresh Rosstat statistics on average salaries of Russians by subtracting from the data the 13 percent income tax and calculate how many average Russians need time to save up for popular domestic car? Recall that in the Rosstat statistics always calculate the average salary before deduction of 13% tax rate.


For many residents of Russia can accumulate on the Lada Vesta?

Of course in each region, average wages differ significantly. So we decided to make a table for a number of regions of Russia, to demonstrate to our readers how many residents need time to buy the Lada Vesta in your region of residence.


First, let’s look, what is the average cost of a new Lada Vesta? So, for example, according to the dealer network of AVTOVAZ, the price of the new Lada Vesta sedan is from 584 900 rubles to 900,000 rubles. Let us for convenience of calculations we take the average price of 742 450 rubles.

As the average cost supported by the Lada Vesta will take the average price tags with popular message boards on the network. As a basis we take one-year-old West. So, as of the end of August, the average value of b/u Lada Vesta 2017 year amounts to 609 000 rubles.


Now, with regards to the salaries of the Russians. For a basis we took the Rosstat data in the period January-may 2018.


Recall that, according to Rosstat, in may of this year in Russia the average wage amounted to 44 076 rubles (before taxes). Taking away the 13 percent tax, it turns out that in may the average Russian on the hands received 38 346 RUB.


But we all know that the average salary in Russia is about the same as the average temperature in the hospital. Therefore more true at this rate we need to look separately and in major cities, and regions. Here the picture is just a motley. Somewhere, of course the average wage is higher, somewhere below the averages which says Rosstat.


For many residents of Russia can accumulate on the Lada Vesta?

So, here’s a table based on Rosstat data on the salaries of Russians in different regions in the first half of 2018, which we have adjusted, taking away 13-three percent tax, and calculated how much need to residents time to accumulate on the Lada Vesta, both new and “Godovalov”:


The average salary

before tax

(Rosstat) –

for parts of

s/n average

The average salary for hand


13% percent tax

How long


in order

save up for a new

Lada Vesta? (Months)

How much time is needed

in order

save up for a b/u

Lada Vesta? (Months)

Moscow and MO
49 390
42 969

Saint Petersburg
44 178
38 435

17 000
14 790

Smolensk, Bryansk
20 000
17 400












27 000-35 000
23 490-30 450







Nizhny Novgorod.













21 000-27 000
18 270-23 490

Ivanovo, Ryazan, Tambov, Tver
20 000-21 000
17 400-18 270

This is still a theoretical calculation, since this accumulation on the car will have to abandon even plain water. In the end, you need to understand that the time to save up for Lada Vesta in reality two to three times more. That’s why half of all transactions of sale and purchase cars are made on credit. Despite the fact that because of high interest rates on loans and because of the forced purchase of insurance people overpay for the car purchased a significant amount. But as you can see people have no other opportunities to buy a car.