For getting rid of soot inside the engine high enough rpm – you need another condition

To spin the engine before clipping is sometimes useful: explain why

For getting rid of soot inside the engine high enough rpm – you need another condition

In the States there is such a thing as “Italian” setting. This term refers to the drive for maximum engine speeds, with maximum intensity, leaving the red cutoff line on the tachometer with the aim of removing carbon deposits and other dirt accumulated inside the cylinders over many thousands of kilometers.


In our country, motorists have a similar system to reduce coking of the engine. Its implementation usually give about 4-5 thousand revs (according to others spin up to maximum speed) and move in this mode for 10-15 minutes on a free highway (to accelerate it is not necessary to 200 km/h, enough for 3 gears to accelerate to 90 – 100 km/h), raising the temperature inside the piston to very high levels (important to monitor the temperature so that the engine is not overheated).


In both American and Russian version of such manipulation cleared all of the combustion chamber, cleaned the pistons, preventing the occurrence of piston rings and even plug fouling is completely burnt down. In General, read the forums, you’ll see tips garage masters Council is just perfect!


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Forums is definitely a wealth of knowledge, but if we turn to a no less competent people from overseas? For example, the engineer is James Fenske. His research you can see on the pages of our car online edition 1GAI.RU not once:

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So, this special nerdy reading some of the most inspiring the confidence of the research on this topic from the “society of civil engineers-transport”, the possibility of getting rid of carbon deposits inside the engine, using the above “formula”.


For getting rid of soot inside the engine high enough rpm – you need another condition

Blitz study found that Yes, purification is possible, but only under one important condition: if the engine can create sufficient heat to burn off deposits. But that’s not the end of the story.


One of the studies on which Fenske noticed showed that the work of the turbocharged engine with direct injection at high loads at high speeds may actually increase the probability of formation of carbon deposits!


Thus, we can conclude that the engine is able to get rid of sludge, but much will depend on whether inside it to rise a sufficient temperature and what type of engine in front of you. Results may vary from type to engine type.


Fenske adds that one-time promotion engine for a short period of time is not likely to give any results. Maybe 10-15 minutes will be enough to clean, but that’s not a fact.


So the question remains open. The cleaning of soot and not the myth, but also not every car.