For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

The bolts are not numbered according to GOST, upside down room, camouflage Gosznak and more.

For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

After the ubiquitous cameras of the traffic police on the road, and increasing fines for traffic violations, many motorists understand that in Russia, in fact, the authorities have created a machine for replenishment of local budgets in addition to the transportation tax. Yes, of course, the camera on the way put things in order in recent years, reducing the accident rate in many regions of the country. And like, what could be wrong with the cameras of the traffic police, which will soon be more? But don’t forget where we live. Here to you not Europe. You will see where mushrooming camera: in various traps on the road. For example, recently, the traffic police loved to post the photo and video recording in the area of the temporary signs. Also, I love to hang the cameras in places where sharply changing the speed limit. That is why the number of tickets being issued in Russia and is growing. After all, it would seem that people eventually had to learn how the Lord’s prayer, where the cameras of the traffic police, and, consequently, the number of tickets being issued was to go on the decline. But no. Our authorities were not born yesterday. That set off our citizens in all serious, concealing by various methods the license plates of their vehicles from the ubiquitous cameras on the road.


What one can see today on the Russian roads. But the most surprising ingenuity of our owners who, apparently, came up with 1001 ways to hide license plate from the photo and video recording. Here you are, and magnets that hides partially the number of machines and strips of dark Scotch tape, and sticking black tape, changing the number or letter on the license plate so that camera could not correctly identify the vehicle in case of traffic violations.

Someone even decided to go with inverted numbers or to rearrange the numbers under the glass of the car.


For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

Most interesting is that such masking is often used by drivers in order for impunity to be free on paid Parking lots, where evacuation transportation is not provided by the law (no road sign “Warning: working tow”). But you’d be surprised: many motorists are probably in a hurry, often simply forget to take with such a disguise, leaving the road partially closed with the front or rear of the room. And what their surprise when they are stopped by the traffic police and are attracted to serious administrative responsibility. Yes, it is serious. Unfortunately, many drivers think that if they hide the room, the maximum that threatens, is a fine of 500 rubles for unreadable number plate that is issued, when the license plate of the car dirty. But if you deliberately concealed the number of the magnetic card, tape and whatever else, you face fines far in not five hundred rubles.


The fact that in this case the driver falls under part 2 of article 12.2 of the administrative code, violation of which is threatened with administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 5 000 rubles or deprivation of rights for a period of 1 to 3 months.


Part 2 of Article 12.2 KoAP of the Russian Federation: driving a vehicle with violation of rules of installation on it of the state registration signs
2. Driving a vehicle without state registration plates, as well as driving a vehicle without established on the designated places of state license plates or driving a vehicle with state registration signs, modified or equipped with the use of devices or materials that may impede the identification of the state registration signs or allowing them to modify or hide,

shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of five thousand roubles or deprivation of the right of management by vehicles for the term from 1 to 3 months
(as amended by Federal law of 22.07.2005 N 120-FZ, dated 22.06.2007 N 116-FZ, from 24.07.2007 N 210-FZ)


Sometimes our enterprising motorists deliberately removed from the machine, one license plate with the purpose to drive on a predetermined route without penalty. For example, a similar method is often used by taxi drivers, gatelist to get to your destination. Naturally, in order to quickly get to the desired address, they have to violate the established speed of movement. In the absence of, say, front license plate cameras on the road will not be able to identify the car. In the end, the cunning owner will be able to actually travel the route faster and without a single penalty.


But many of these “wise men” often forget that driving without a number plate, and even for the management of a vehicle without a license plate (whether front or rear) with substantial administrative responsibility in the form of a fine of 5000 rubles, or disqualification for the term up to 3 months. Yes, of course, the period of deprivation is low. But don’t forget to return the rights the driver will have to retake the theory in the traffic police.


By the way, many drivers practicing driving with one number, hope to be able to convince the employee of traffic police not to punish them, hoping to tell a story that only that machine was stolen the room.

This focus will not work. Especially in our days. First, you do not have the right under current law to go on the road without installed on the machine two plates. Second, if you really stole the license plate, you must apply with your passport and car documents to a specialized company engaged in manufacturing of duplicates of the license plates.


For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

There are drivers practicing to ride without one license plate, hiding from cameras, who have prepared for the valiant police officers a story about that room was lost on the road. In fact, if so, the driver began to move in accordance with traffic regulations. Therefore, for such force majeure on the road theoretically bring the driver to justice is impossible. But this is theory. In practice, everything is much sadder. View the judicial practice in similar cases in the database Raspravilsya and you will find hundreds of examples of deprivation of the rights of drivers for driving without one number. And believe me, among these drivers, many of those who really lost the room on the road. As you can see, deprived of rights or a fine of 5000 rubles not only those who deliberately removes one room in the trunk or in the cabin.


So it is not advised to joke around with cameras in a similar way. Remember that on the road for road safety keep track of not only electronic complexes photo and video fixation. Traffic police off the road while no one was removed.

What to do if you have a broken mount to the front or rear of the room? Is it possible to go in this case without one license plate? Of course not. Will take off – will violate the law. But many drivers just don’t get it. In this case, many people mistakenly think that sticking with a loose license plate number frame number under the glass of the car, they are technically not breaking the law. But it’s not. The room behind the glass can not carry, as it will be assumed that you have installed it not in accordance with GOST. Accordingly, you face liability under article 12.2 of the administrative code.


If deprived of the rights for fake number plates?

For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

Yes, Yes and Yes again. Don’t even try to hang on to his machine fake license plates. But alas, such cars in our country is becoming more whose owners deliberately hang foreign license plates, trying to hide the identity of your car from camera of the traffic police.

Of course, most of these phony license plates and the owners hang in the major cities in the areas of paid Parking in order not to pay for Parking your car. This is especially true in those areas and sections of roads where there are no road signs on the evacuation of vehicles for unpaid Parking. In the end, Parkany and other staff responsible for monitoring the observance of Parking rules, can’t identify the car with fake license plates and, accordingly, the cunning owner of such a car will not receive a penalty for Parking on a paid Parking lot without paying.

But do not try to practice such deception. Do you know that use fake license plates when the machine is in place, you face a fine in the amount of 2 500 rubles (fitting on a vehicle of obviously false state registration signs – part 3 of article 12.2 of the administrative code)?

However, it will be even worse if you go by car, which will be set false state registration signs. In this case, a more severe administrative liability in the form of deprivation of a driving licence for a period of 6 to 12 months (part 4 of article 12.2 of the administrative code).


This is what is wrong bolts…

For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

Than you attach the license plates on your car? Did you know that the use of fasteners, number plates not according to GOST, you would be driving? We are talking about the front license plate. Many motorists in the pursuit of individualization of your car acquire various tuning elements to highlight your car in the General traffic stream. For example, sales have numbered the bolts red reflectors. Meanwhile, for such reflective bolts in the Russian legislation provides for administrative liability in the form of deprivation of the rights for the term from 6 to 12 months. We are talking about part 3 of article 12.3 of the administrative code:


For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

Article 12.5. Driving a vehicle in the presence of malfunctions or conditions at which operation of vehicles is prohibited, or vehicle, which illegally installed identification mark “Disabled person”
Part 3
Management of the vehicle, on the front of which is installed light devices with lights of red color or reflective devices in red color, and equally light devices, colour of fires and which do not meet the requirements of the Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and duties of officials to ensure road safety,
(as amended by Federal law of 24.07.2007 N 210-FZ)
entails disqualification from driving vehicles for a period of 6 months to 1 year with confiscation of the specified devices and adaptations.
(part 3 is introduced by Federal law of 22.07.2005 N 120-FZ)


Can I ride with upside down license plate?

For any manipulation with the license plates of the car can be left without rights

There are drivers who think that flipping license plate, hide from the cameras of the traffic police his car. But it’s not. Many modern complexes of fotovideofiksatsiey quite cope with such puzzles in the form of an inverted numbers and easy identificeret vehicle. Yes, of course, not all cameras traffic police on the roads of Russia is able to recognize upside-down license plates. That is why in Russia a lot of drivers specifically reverse the numbers on the cars. But you will go from time to time. Or as long as a huge number will start to receive fines from the new camera or before the first considerate the traffic police, who for such antics are sure to attract you on the article of the Administrative code, which prescribes to charge you at least five thousand of our wooden or leave you without a license for a period of 1 to 3 months.

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