Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

Lada Granta officially: Top 5 facts

Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

Tomorrow, August 29, will open its doors to the press the Moscow international automobile salon 2018. On Wednesday, we learn about all the novelties, which for so long has prepared us automakers.


Innovation and new models, here’s how to position your program organizers. Among the main purposes of this event, as before are: the development of automobile industry in the country and the emergence of additional incentive for filling of the Russian market of modern and high quality cars.


Among all automakers wishing to visit MIAS 2018, certainly a Central part is occupied by AVTOVAZ, with its multiple autonomically. But some of the “new things” just can’t wait in the wings, so the car company with the banks of the Volga hastened to share with the fans of its updated line of popular Russian compact models of “Lada Granta”. A line of four bodies fully disclosed what it has changed and is there any interest for the public. Top 5 facts about the new, changed his name and became number one in the lineup “Granta”.


1.Don’t call her more “Kalina”…

Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

Lada Granta in the version of the SW Cross 2019 model year. A raised ground clearance, plastic body kit, protection for the bottom rails – top. The premiere took place in conjunction with other models Granta.

Marketers AVTOVAZ together several titles into one. Lineup of compact cars under the name Latin “Kalina” and leaves the stage, it only remains Lada Granta.


If you look at the appearance of the item (conventionally, we shall call it so, despite the fact that the logic is ordinary restyled appearance) model Kalina doesn’t make sense anymore to keep separately from the sedan Granta. Both versions have received a similar facelift, very similar “face”, and in size they are practically not inferior to each other.


Our assumption is that AVTOVAZ has long charted the merging of two branches is in fact one version of the car. The only thing to do was to hold a single homologation, which would combine both models. May the fruits of this work we see today.


2. What has changed in the new”Grant”?

Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

If we talk about looks, the updates to a greater extent affected the front part of: for models installed new hood new radiator filesresearch in brand “X”-style, of course installed new lights. The hood fell a little more forward. Probably, this should give restyling some expression and a little bit of sportiness.


The exterior front of the product clearly moved on from Vesta and XRay. To many this will appeal to not, others will see this as an opportunity… an Opportunity to buy much more stylish domestic compact car for less money than asking for the same Vesta.


Because in the future we are waiting for a full update, AVTOVAZ at this stage did not touch the appearance of the whole body, again, mostly due to economic considerations, for standard “Kalinowski” the sides do not look so hot as a modern. Any punch or anything. Smooth, clean metal sheet, four doors – it’s simple. But with taste?


Back, body is also almost not touched by the hand of the designer. All were intact and in their original locations. Well, maybe not considering who had migrated to the punch trunk license plate light (sedan). Now the exterior will be painted in eight colors. The palette became richer in two shades: grey and red. Applies to all Grants.


Summary of updates – sedan, wagon, hatchback and liftback has received a new face, but the basis remains the same. No big changes in appearance.


3. The interior has not changed too?

Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

Interior to find out exactly all the owners of the “Kalin” and “Grant” of yesteryear. Here are some revelations wait just do not have. List the visible changes:

Installed new seats. Outwardly, they look more modern, improved lateral support, a driver in addition, you can raise or lower the seat;

Modified the dashboard. It is made in a single “X”style and looks more modern with its previous version.

There are chrome rims around circular ducts;

Installed new door handles and a modified Parking brake handle;

Equipment complemented by CLIMAT (until the semi-automatic option. “Brains” will only monitor the intensity of the airflow);

Modified upholstery;

Installed new lockers. You certainly will not see, but hear well. Hear less noise will make its way from the wheels to the salon.


4. The engines and the technical component of the model

Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

The logic of the restyling of powertrains will remain unchanged. Base: 1.6-liter 8-valve engine capacity of 87 HP. It will be equipped exclusively paired with a 5-manual transmission.


The more powerful variants of the same volume with 16-valves 98 and 106 HP, respectively. The choice of transmission for these motors will be more impressive: 98-strong unit will be paired with an automatic transmission Jatco. 106-HP engine will be available exclusively with mechanical or robotic gearbox.

But in the engine there is another important change – changed the pistons. New pistons made recesses for the valves, in the event of breakage of the timing belt the latter will not twist some.


By the way, but the box was brought to mind. Mechanics have been increased gear ratio of a pair, to the value of 3.9, and robotic transmission received a new clutch, new firmware (switch the robot will be faster by almost 30%) and the so-called “creeping transfer” to slow “tarkany” in traffic with a winter regime, which, on the contrary will be able to jump through the transfer.


And finally, a little fancied up the steering. Grant put in a new gas-filled shock absorbers, a new direct-drive electric power steering.

The windshield washer nozzles moved from the hood into the hood space (they can be found under the edge of the hood), the trunk will open with the button.


5. When to wait and how much it will cost restyled new?

Five answers to questions about new 2019 Lada Granta

Initially the updated Lada Granta will be available in a special performance of “First version”.

The sedan will cost 419 900 rubles (rose by 10 thousand rubles)

For a hatchback with a saloon will be asked 436 900 RUB.

The wagon will be available almost 30 thousand rubles, it was estimated at 446 900 rubles.


Expect the updated model in the fall. The premiere will be held at MIAS-2018.