Fined for a dirty car, dirty rooms and dirty headlights?

How the dirt on the car can lead to a fine?

Fined for a dirty car, dirty rooms and dirty headlights?

With the onset of autumn-winter period on the road every day becomes more and more dirty cars. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford every day pan for my car. A period with the onset of muddy roads generally forget the way to the sink. But as they say, the owner – a gentleman. However, many forget that a dirty car can get a fine. However, the policeman can fine you if not all cases.

Just want to reassure motorists that the fine for a dirty car in the current legislation. Accordingly, you will not be able to attract to administrative responsibility for a rare visit to the car wash. Meanwhile, there is no way that a dirty car with clean license plates and headlights clean. Usually if your car is begging to go to the sink, the room and the lights also need to be cleaned. And that’s just for the dirty plates and dirty headlights the driver is threatened with administrative responsibility. So with the onset of autumn and winter, the traffic police suddenly begin to show interest in dirty cars. And as you can see, not just.

So, first recall that for dirty rooms, the traffic police has the right to bring the driver to justice, if the license plate unreadable. As a result, in accordance with part 1 of article 12.2 of the administrative code the driver faces a fine of 500 rubles. Also in this case, you will have to clean the room from dirt. This penalty is introduced primarily to motorists is not specifically concealed rooms under the mud, with the goal to get away from the cameras monitoring the traffic police.

Fined for dirty rooms, if after stopping the vehicle, the inspector immediately you need to clean unreadable from dirt?

Fined for a dirty car, dirty rooms and dirty headlights?

In most cases, if the employee of traffic police will stop you for a dirty room, you’re unlikely to Unscrew from a penalty, as you will be held accountable for the fact of motion of car with unreadable number plates. No, of course, on the road you can meet and understand the traffic police, which will go into your position (especially if the road is because the weather conditions are very dirty) and will not have to prosecute. But in most cases you will still attract. Especially if the DPS have to make a plan for the protocols.

Now with regards to the headlights. Don’t forget that dirty headlights can also prosecute in accordance with part 1 of article 12.5 of the administrative code, for which, as in the case of unreadable numbers, you will be fined 500 rubles.

But why, in part 1 of article 12.5 of the administrative code, there is no word about the dirty headlights? Yes, indeed, the headlights in article 12.5 is nothing. But there is a line:

Driving a vehicle in the presence of malfunctions or conditions at which in accordance with the Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and duties of officials on safety of traffic vehicle operation is prohibited.

Now recall that in paragraph 3 of the Basic provisions for the admission of vehicles on public roads a detailed list of faults and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles with contaminated external light devices and reflectors (paragraph 3.3).

Fined for a dirty car, dirty rooms and dirty headlights?

As you can see, despite the fact that you can’t attract to administrative responsibility for the dirty car, to avoid being fined for dirty rooms, dirty headlights and even dirty reflectors you will not succeed. Yes, theoretically in rainy or snowy weather, you can try to make excuses, but if you avoid responsibility, will depend on the goodwill of the employee of traffic police. So I advise you to wipe the license plates and headlights. Especially clean automotive optics is the key to safety on the road. So carry a bottle of water (in the winter a bottle of antifreeze) to the beginning of the movement, if necessary, clean dirty optics.