Feature: Why it is important to maintain the engine

If you properly follow the motor, it will be under 1 million km

Feature: Why it is important to maintain the engine

In front of you in the photo above consists of a diesel engine. This turbocharged diesel motor from Skoda Octavia passed under 700 thousand. Figuratively speaking, go to the moon and back. And okay, if he “flew” is constantly on the suburban route, in this case, the load on the power unit is less, but no, he was operated quite traditionally, 80% of cars in the city. What does this mean for the engine? Yes, torture is shaped! The constantly changing load, the lack of incoming air flow, and with it the cooling in traffic, short trips with frequent inclusions and shutdowns of the motor, cold, heat and ragged style of driving – all these factors do not create positive conditions for long and uninterrupted operation.


Want to know what’s happening with the engine? We are also curious! In the video with the English channel Car Throttle about it in detail will show and everything on the shelves decomposed benefit when you turn on the subtitles and clicking “Translate” in the “Settings” screen, everything becomes clear even if you don’t know the English language. The video published here:


But for those who are too lazy to read the translated subtitles, will briefly Islamism the point. Old Skoda was bought for just £ 200 for conducting tests on her.


Under the hood, installed the TDI engine 1.9 liters. Old, dusty, dirty and rusty, plus he’s a little broken. However, during a stretch to a garage, the car shows very good quality of work, obvious failures no black smoke too, tenet well.

The primary task is to find out what the status of the cylinder group, engine and cars in General. Secondary bit to cheer up the motor, replacing worn engine parts.


At the 3.09 minute video, note the condition of the throttle. It’s all in oil vapors which fly from the ventilation system of the crankcase of the engine, under a thick soft layer is a hard carbon deposits.

Feature: Why it is important to maintain the engine

All of this “coat” prevents movement of the valve and the car responds worse to the opening and closing of the throttle, there is a “hang” after the release of the gas pedal. Also appears uneven idle.


This is followed by disassembly of the engine. The manifold is removed, cover the cylinder head and in front of us on 4-th minute opened the inside of the power unit, the last 700 thousand Camshaft, as noted by the mechanic who examined the car was well preserved, as if he ran no more than 250 thousand km success – quality oil and its timely replacement.


Yes, the fact that it is a 1.9-liter turbodiesel VW has lived such a long life and, in principle, still does not complain, lies in the very high-quality Assembly of the motor, quality materials and well thought-out, simple design. This is probably the key to success, which, however, does not negate proper and timely care.


The second part of the examination starts from the bottom. 5.12 minute video. Smudges at the bottom though present, but beyond oil “misting” they don’t come out. Overall, at the end of the inspection of the underbody mechanic concludes: “It is a good car.” Even the exhaust system is original.

The third stage starts from 7.50 minutes, when you get to the innards of the engine. Here, all nodes preserved in very high quality condition. Valves, pistons – perfectly preserved. Cylinder has traces of the sanding process. The motor on Skoda almost like new!

Feature: Why it is important to maintain the engine

Of course, if you look closely at the video, it appears that on the motor a lot of black soot, there are oil leaks and the turbo has a small gap on the shaft, but serious hindrances to spin cheerfully continue to carry their service for the benefit of the owner, this motor is not.


To summarize, we can say the following: the state of the motor depends on several factors.

1.The quality of the product (engine)

2.Regular maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled, if necessary)

3.Katestone lubricants


Of course we understand that America nobody opened. But the main thing here is different in clarity. The condition is seen at a glance.