FAE vs 600-horsepower rally-cross race car

Win the tool for washing dishes, rally racing, Ford?

FAE vs 600-horsepower rally-cross race car


In the new episode of the lab of crazy destroyers autoligand, the “Hoonigans” trying to understand a very important and complex case: what happens if a thick layer of detergent for dishes like “Fairy”, to pour under the wheels of a 600-horsepower racing rally sports car? Is it true that?


In order to find out the “experts”-the cranks made a wooden tray in which he poured a few dozen litres of detergent for dishes. In order the experiment was carried under a patina of “science” in the beginning was made by measurement of the reference acceleration, that is, on a dry wooden surface. Happened 1.32 seconds.


Know how much to slow down car on the slippery green ooze? Overcoming the same distance along the wash, the car slowed down almost four times! Did not expect this one. It seems that FAE is no less slippery than the ice melt. Slip so serious that in the next race the pilot managed to run six of the gear up until the car skidded, trying to overcome some 6 or 8 meters.


Fun to live not forbid, what else is there to say?