Experiment: stick together if “cold welding” the engine?

Video: Can I use the “cold welding” bolts instead of the head unit?

Experiment: stick together if

You must have heard about this kind of glue as “cold welding”. This is a very fancy name for the usual product whose primary responsibility includes bonding surfaces of different materials. It can glue wood, glass, plastic and even metal. Yes, a lot of products, like “Poxipol”, copes with its direct responsibilities – to connect the disconnected and connect it as long as possible. But if you really believe that the adhesive can replace welding, disappoint you – you are a victim of marketing. Epoxy with chemical additions can not even come close to traditional welding, however, there is at least one decent exception to the rule.


We offer you to look at one very interesting video, with a demonstration test of various adhesives. Video and even overseas, but the ongoing experiments are very significant, therefore, are self-explanatory. I especially want to draw your attention to the fantastically strong glue under the brand name “JB Weld” (in Russia is currently unavailable, but through eBay or other ways it can be ordered). This composition of epoxy showed such high results in all tests that it really can be confused with this welding, which can be connected even wood and ceramics…


But even he couldn’t pass the last, most insidious and between with the interesting test connection block and the engine head. The experiment begins with the 14 minute, can immediately rewind to the action and enjoy the sound of the heads from the block: