An example of inappropriate behavior behind the wheel of a bulldozer

An enraged father destroys Audi A4 his son

An example of inappropriate behavior behind the wheel of a bulldozer

In the Internet appeared the video, which someone is the father of one young man in a fit of rage carries into smithereens Audi A4 his own son.

According to some reports we found in the network, an emotional scene played out on the ground that the parent is one of the days found behind the wheel of this machine is his second child, a daughter, and she rode with the “who’s not supposed to be around” in the car with her. Likely adult men there was no more rational ideas about how to raise my daughter and he did not hesitate began to destroy someone else’s property.

The video was posted on Facebook by a man named Kaylor Card. In the video you can see how people on minibuilder taken for their dirty work, mercilessly beats, squeezes and even turns a red car.

The end of the video, the car is not to know all the panels are badly dented, roof dented, instead of Windows – gaping holes, the lower part of the car damaged by the bucket. Horrible sight for any car enthusiast.

Odd, son, that the son by his eyes the execution was quite concerned about the incident, perhaps because they hoped to receive compensation to replace lost car or is he just determined not to get caught under the hot hand and should wait until the wrath of the parent will cease.

Anyway, the video turned out spectacular. And the car is still a pity…