Evroprotokol becomes in fashion

How many accidents make the evroprotokol?

Evroprotokol becomes in fashion

The official statistics of traffic police is that today almost every third road accident is issued without calling the police, and the number of drivers that adorned the accident with the use of Europrotocol in the whole of Russia from the beginning of 2018, by more than 36%.


On the website of the traffic police.Russian official noted that “over 8 months of 2018 the European accident report when making an accident used by more than 375 thousand car owners. The number of drivers who statement on the payment of direct damages when making an accident on Evroprotokol in Russia has grown by 21.5% compared to the same period last year.”


Well, real growth is visible to the naked eye. That’s good. Why is it good? Employees will be less distracted on the road with the “small things” so that they can focus on the analysis of the really important cases and major accident, in order to prevent future similar problems and tragedy, this will spend less budget funds for the maintenance of bloated staff, and the tubes will not be collected during rush hour due to waiting for crew of outsiders, which has managed to catch the bumpers on the entry or exit from the city.


However, there is a procedure called “European accident report” and a number of “punctures”. To name just ones that immediately come to mind and about which we know firsthand, namely, have opinions about the pressing problems sooner or later faces any motorist, who decided to shape yourself better by evroprotokol than to wait for the traffic police. Which leads to such problems and why the inhibition of the prevalence of self-registration on the territory of the Russian Federation?


Here is a list of problems:

– Ignorance of drivers procedures

Evroprotokol becomes in fashion

Yes, this is difficult for people who do not know their rights on the road after an accident. To understand what is what, download, print and carry in the folder for insurance documents in the official Bulletin of the traffic police:

Evroprotokol becomes in fashion


Re-read it several times and you have formed the overall picture when you can and when you cannot evolve independently. The traffic police explained, how to shape the Europrotocol


– Complexity of algorithms procedure evroprotokol (when you can, and when you cannot register under the simplified procedure)

Evroprotokol becomes in fashion

The main thing you need to know in this case:

the accident was a collision between two cars, not more;

the accident people (drivers, passengers and pedestrians) received no injury;

damage was recorded solely at cars-participants of road accident, damage to property not caused (don’t hit post, don knocked down the fence, destroyed the urban infrastructure or the elements of the road transport network);

the two vehicles insured by insurance or “Green card” (international contract (policy) third party liability insurance);

the participants of the accident have a similar opinion about road accidents, as well as in relation to all aspects*.


*In the last paragraph is a disclaimer. If at least one of the participants in the accident there is a system of ERA GLONASS, the European Protocol can be issued even if raznoglasiya.


If all these conditions are met, drivers are permitted to leave the scene of a traffic accident without calling the police, self-filling with appropriate notice according to the rules of compulsory insurance of third party liability.


The fear of motorists in the refusal of payments on OSAGO

Evroprotokol becomes in fashion

Justified. If documents are issued incorrectly, the aggrieved party will be a serious prerequisite to the receipt of cash payments. Well, since an accident is always stressful for anyone, even the most resistant person, everyone can make mistakes. The problem is quite simple, you must download the program “an accident. Evroprotokol” smartphone. To sign up for it and in case of emergency to access the electronic assistant. The main thing is that the smartphone is not dead. Details about how to use the application, read here:


How to make an accident on evroprotokol using the mobile app


The fact that it does not allow you to make a mistake (at least sure of its creators). If you enter the wrong data, the next step, you will not go.


– Bad faith insurers when payments on insurance

Evroprotokol becomes in fashion

Alas, the problem is not yet solved, but solved because of the europrotocol the future and it is strong will enter the lives of motorists in the coming years. And if the insurance will cheat their clients, the mechanism will not be able to earn effectively and be a useless burden.


Finally, another problem is small amount of damage when making an accident according to the europrotocol without special equipment. There


By the way, as stated on the website of the traffic police: “In the structure of the official website of traffic police of the MIA of Russia in assistance to the stakeholders, there is a special information resource “Rules of registration of road accident”. It contains an algorithm of actions of drivers of vehicles involved in road accident.”.