Even on old cars will cancel the transport tax… the Proposal from the liberal democratic party

Low-income owners of older vehicles may cancel the transport tax?

Even on old cars will cancel the transport tax... the Proposal from the liberal democratic party

Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, the MP from the liberal democratic party of Russia Vasily Vlasov sent a letter in which he offered to cancel the transport tax for cars older than ten years and a market value of less than a million rubles. It is reported RIA Novosti, the disposal of which was the document.


According to the Deputy, the driver, talking about the need to move to a model of taxation says low level of welfare of the majority of Russian motorists. They have to buy the supported cars, with a car to be purchased have an average age of more than ten years. “In this case the car he needed to occasionally to use it in exceptional cases”, says the MP, “the Taxing that tax of a car, the state worsens the situation of the population with low levels of well-being”, the text of the letter to RIA Novosti


In addition, the letter said about another tax caveat, which shows that “the transport tax calculation coming from the engine power may not be quite fair, considering the fact that two cars of equal power, but different years of production have a huge difference in the cost.”


Even on old cars will cancel the transport tax... the Proposal from the liberal democratic party

Well, the idea on paper looks very interesting, but whether it comes to implementation? Our opinion is unequivocal – it is unlikely! Similar proposals from various parties and factions of the state Duma handed down in recent years are many, but it was like ostentatious activity in order to gain MPs points purely for their own interests. And recently it got to the point that some media actually printed outright untruthful stuffing on the abolition of the transport tax in 2018, like the one that was circulated in late summer-early fall of this year. It only says something about the intensity that hovers around this very tax. Motorists promise-promised to cancel it for a long time (10 years conversations going), but in fact it turned out a little differently. Fuel prices have long rushed up on account of all excise taxes and fees, and the tax was, and remains now there.


And if you think that the tax will cancel, make no mistake, the Committee on budget and taxes is on his own, his rationale is as follows – none of the proposed bills for the abolition of the not offered compensation, which will lose the road Fund in case of cancellation of the tax. Point!